GOTY 2021 Game of the Year Collection # 2-Forza Horizon 5-Forza Horizon 5

GOTY 2021 Game of the Year Collection # 2-Forza Horizon 5-Forza Horizon 5

The “Forza Motorsport Horizon” series of playground games is well known and well known. These racing games are different from the more formal and track-focused “Forza Motorsport” series, and emphasize the open world and the experience of large-scale video games rather than simulation-level realism. After they jumped on the track in 2012, “Forza Horizon” took us across the country, viewing mountains and rivers, as far as the United States, to Australia, and even to southern Europe and the United Kingdom. Lately it has been difficult. Ignore, the game takes us to Mexico, where the customs are different from those mentioned above, because it is the best example the new generation Xbox game consoles can give.

“Forza Horizon 5” is a prime example of what a recent game will look like. Playground games have given a great deal of work, not only with truly dazzling visual effects or engaging gameplay, but also as a major observation of the effects that can be achieved by developing a racing series for ten years. It’s not very different from Horizon 4 or any previous Horizon, but it’s a game made and designed with sophisticated details.

These cars are more realistic and beautiful than ever before, and the Mexican sun helps to emphasize the subtle nooks and crannies that make up many sports cars of all types and ages. Then there is the design of the card. It’s an open world, brighter and more realistic than we’ve ever seen in any Forza Horizon game, and it’s the best it can be, whether you’re just walking along the shores of the Golden Baja or through the dense jungles of Mexico.

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The “Forza Horizon” series has always been known for providing a large amount of content to taste, and “Forza Horizon 5” continues this trend by adding a lot of events to the Mexican world. Whether it’s traditional races, speed traps, stunts, barn discoveries, landmarks, reward boards, field display activities or updated explorations, every time you unlock a Horizon Festival site, it’s raining everywhere on the world map, like markers. Atlas.

Then there are activities that exist outside the traditional world map. Similar to its predecessor, the “Forza Horizon 5” has a series of “Forzathon” challenges, to achieve a unique and exciting variety of cars for your garage; There is also a multiplayer game mode to learn from “Horizon 4”. Expand it; Fans’ favorite Battle Royale mode “The Eliminator” will be available from day one. The range of things that can be done in “Forza Horizon 5” is excellent, sometimes even a little overdone. Playground games have successfully filled the map of Mexico to the brink of overflow, but still provide an open world with absolutely no parallel in the racing category.

Forza Horizon5
Forza Horizon5Forza Horizon5

This is the difference between Forza Horizon 5 and its rivals, which is why we put this game on our GOTY list so much. This is not just a simple point-to-point or track racing game, it clearly proves it. The core mechanics are just as good, or even better, but the playground has created a world that is so vibrant, diverse and complex that it should be called incredible. Over time, this series gets even better. Looking at the content provided in Forza Horizon 5, we can not help but ask: How do you want the playground to improve in a few years? What’s the sequel? Will it be like that time?

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But more importantly, the craftsmanship of this game shows the power of this British developer and what they can bring. Microsoft discovered this team for the new myth of Gods and Ghosts, 6 months before learning about the “Forza Horizon 5”, let the developer of this racing game take on the role of this iconic role, playing a game seems like a decision. Questions and a little carelessness; But now we can understand why. If the playground could create a world like this, we would certainly be interested in the “myth of gods and ghosts” produced by this team. In fact, we can not wait to see how it actually works. Until then, we will continue to roam on “Horizon 5”, the best quality version of the Xbox series game ever.

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