Google’s new feature, technology that now hides photos and videos

This feature is primarily for Google Photos. With this feature, users can hide their private photos and videos.

New Delhi, June 15: Google has become a very important tool for all users, be they smartphones or computers. Google constantly offers Gmail and other features and various features to its users. This now includes a new feature. This feature is primarily for Google Photos. With this feature, users can hide their private photos and videos.

Technology company Google last month announced a new feature in Google I / Oil Google Photos. Accordingly, the company introduced the locked folder feature for Google Photos. It allows users to hide private photos and videos in a secure folder via passcode or fingerprints.

Photos or videos saved in this locked folder will not appear in Photo Grid, Search, Album or Memory. Additionally, third-party applications may not be able to display such photos or videos. Hidden photos cannot be backed up to the cloud. If you previously backed up a photo or video, Google will delete it, and these photos and videos will remain in the local folder.

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Here’s how to use it –

If the user wants to use this feature, you can go to Library> Utilities> Locked Folder and start using this new locked folder. Once set up, users can add their photos and videos to this library.

You can also set up the Google Camera app –

If users want to save their new photos or videos directly to this locked folder, they need to set up the Google Camera app. To use this feature, the user needs to launch the Camera app. All you have to do is tap on the icon in the top left corner and start the locked folder from the list.

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Google Pixel –

This feature is currently only available on Google Pixel smartphones. This includes the Google Pixel 3 Series, Pixel 4 and Pixel 5 Series. Currently this feature is becoming exclusive to Pixel smartphones. Company sources said that the locked folder feature for Android phones will be launched soon and all users will be able to use this feature this year.

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First published by:June 16, 2021, 9:00 AM IS

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