Google Stadia urgently needs to submit a roadmap for 2022

Google Stadia urgently needs to submit a roadmap for 2022

Google Stadium should provide a complete roadmap by 2022.

In Android 4L we talked about Google Play on multiple occasions, G is the great G streaming video game platform officially launched in November 2019. This is a young platform, but in spite of everything, It has become a major choice for many usersEspecially for those who have less space in their home or have less time to play video games.

However, the patience of many senior stadium players is running out. Not because the platform crashed, but because But due to the lack of news and a Google guide. Which games are coming to the platform? What’s new in the stadium in 2022? The truth is that we know absolutely nothing.

The problem with the stadium is called Google

The stadium will soon be two years old.

The main problem with the stadium is that it is Google. It’s a platform that can win everything, it works great, it’s compatible with a lot of devices, and it’s ideal for anyone who just wants to play video games without thinking about patches or loading times. But Google is once again laying stones on its own roof.

When other companies announce important games or upcoming news in their catalog –The case of GeForce Now with 4K games and 120 fps-, Google is silent. His official official blog content is empty, and his social networks are just a joke. All this leads to a non-existent uncertainty regarding the potential of the platform.

Because Stadia and Google need to give their customers a roadmap, this November is their second anniversary and the best time to do so. Show that they are committed to the platform, show what their future plans are, and finally, show the games that will be coming to the platform soon. Because using the best streaming video game service is not useful if you do not know how to make good use of it later.

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Is Google Play the best gaming platform for strangers?

If so, Many of us will continue to support the stadium because we believe it is the future, But there is nothing we can do if we do not step on Google Break.

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