Google service before termination: Warning to users – Data will be deleted

Google service before termination: Warning to users - Data will be deleted

A Google service will be terminated immediately and all user data will be deleted.

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Internet giant Google’s “Google Play Music” service will be discontinued. Anyone who has been a user of the Music app before should go fast – otherwise all data and music will be gone forever.

North Rhine-Westphalia – mid-2020 Google Offer already announced “Google Play Music“It simply came to our notice then. Now this is getting serious for users. You need to go fast before all the music is gone.

Shift Google Play Music
Publication 16. November 2011
Platforms Android, Android TV, iOS, web browser

Warning to users: Google service deletes data – Offer will be replaced by “Youtube Music”

Google is now warning users “Google Play Music“In an email All data and music Secure as soon as possible. Because they will not be available soon Deleted irrevocably Be. This service has been with Google since December 2020 No longer usable.

According to the information in the email, the “Google Play Music” -Nutzer And yet Until February 24th Time – a good two weeks – to save everything. That includes the whole Music Library, All own uploads and purchases. But you must have the rest of the data in an account Google Clear.

Google will terminate the service: Warning to users – Users angry over lost data

Why save data? The Music offer from “Google Play Music” Coming soon “YouTube music“Received Google Data Export So users can transfer their data to the new provider.

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Service ofGoogle Play MusicPublished in 2011 Google Play Store Currently over 5 million downloads. Is on Smartphones With Android operating system By default the application is already pre-installed. You can either use the app Sow birth Use, or top up with a subscription and stream more songs without restrictions.

Warning to users: Google will terminate the service – users think this is “an absolute cheek”!

However, the ratings look bad – The Music app Only 3.3 out of 5 stars can be achieved. Yet poor grading seems more likely due to this move Youtube Lies (everything News about digital At

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Using the new “Youtube Music” app allows a user to vent his anger freely: “What does this mean? YouTube music This is the last scrap. Everything I bought here will be there Advertising Interrupted! My playlists can Do not play. A song then I have to go voluntarily. Absolutely Cheeks“.

Google will terminate the service: “This was a great app” – the offer will be replaced with “YouTube Music”

Others are happy with it Music app These were: “This was the best app I know of, and now everything is gone? I really liked this app, it is of good quality and you can still listen to songs even when your phone is turned off, I thought that was the best. Removed from “Other previous users of the music app also complained about the songs”Google Play Music“To new provider”YouTube music“It won’t work.

Not just “Google Play Music” but also changes. Messenger giant WhatsApp will soon change its terms and conditions. However, users should be careful.

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