Google Photos: Notable Effects Like Movies – This Is How New Pixel Cinematic Photos Works (Video)

Google Photos: Notable Effects Like Movies - This Is How New Pixel Cinematic Photos Works (Video)

Each new generation gets pixels New camera strategies, Which uses very different areas and usually gives remarkable results. And are the latest additions Cinematic photosBrings a known cinematic effect to images, allowing the background and foreground to move apart from each other. Now Google has revealed how all this works.

Pixel 5 cover-up camera

Google did that last year Cinematic photos Presented, it has a normal cinematic effect of the object, can be easily moved towards the viewer, and a background that moves slightly backwards at the same time. When filming or recording a film, this is done very simply by pulling the camera back and zooming in the same amount. You can see what it will ultimately look like in the following sample video.

With such an effect, even the toughest photos can be brought to life very easily, but the implementation is very simple, as Google explains in an interesting blog post. Roughly speaking, the effect is achieved by separating the primary object (usually an individual) from the background and slowly moving the two elements along the Z-axis. The zoom on the person or object does not have to be large, because due to the equally reduced background, the effect looks much stronger than it actually is.

Pixel Cinematic Photos Animation1

Pixel Cinematic Photos Animation 2

To achieve this, you need to create a depth map for the image, which assesses the depth and distance of all the objects and image elements depicted. That alone is a huge mission, but has been extensively practiced over the years with portrait photos and other effects. Of course, an AI is used, which has a lot of experience and ensures that the transitions are accurate but fluid. It is very important that no visible dirty edges are visible, especially on objects that are set in motion later.

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You can see in detail how it works in the animations above I Google Research-Blog Read. We will be curious to see what effects developers and researchers will bring to the next generation of pixels and how we want to bring images to life in the future.

[Google Research]

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