Google pays publishers in the UK for news

(Teleborsa) – Google has announced a partnership with over 120 newspapers UK, Called the News Showcase, which pays for the first time for news to be distributed by newspapers on Google News. The major publishing groups that made the deal were The Evening Standard, The Financial Times, Illife Media, The Independent, Midland News Association, New Statesman, NewsQuest, JPI Media, Reach, The Telegraph and Reuters. According to CNBC, publishers receive a few million pounds each year, but the announcement does not reveal any financial details.

“As part of our licensing agreements with publishers, we are also launching an opportunity for readers Access some of Powell’s contents – Written in a Google blog post Ronan Harris, Vice President and Managing Director of Google UK and Ireland – This feature allows readers to read more content than they have access to from a publisher, which allows publishers Encourage readers to subscribe“.

“We welcome this initiative and its potential Offer public interest journalism, a platform more visible on GoogleDavid Higgerson, chief audience officer for Reich, the UK’s largest commercial publisher with more than 100 local newspapers. This feature can be found in the Google News mobile app and Google Discover – when users click on parts of articles in these apps The newspaper redirected to the full article on the website.

Google pointed out that globally it is there now More than 450 newspapers join the Google News Showcase Negotiations are underway in more than a dozen other countries, including Australia, Germany, Brazil, Canada, France, Japan, the United Kingdom and Argentina.

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