Google opens the first public ‘cloud’ area in Spain and does this with over 100 clients | Companies

Google opens the first public 'cloud' area in Spain and does this with over 100 clients |  Companies

Google today announced the official opening of its ‘cloud’ area in Spain. “Finally, public cloud has become a reality in our country,” said Isaac Hernandez, General Director, Google Cloud Iberia. Hyper scalar It provides Spanish companies with an area of ​​data processing centers located in countries around the world. “

This area, which was created in collaboration with Telephonica and two other providers, does not wish to be named, but is located in the Madrid community. As they explain, there are three availability zones or three. Datacenters To provide maximum security, reliability and repetition. Madrid is the region Cloud It’s Google’s 30th worldwide, and part of the company’s expansion plan to bring it closer to its cloud customers.

“This area is very relevant to Spain and has so far been off the international map in terms of these capabilities. Cloud computing is a good indicator of how modern an organization or country is. Our area will bring the side of innovation and modernization. Spanish companies,” the manager added.

In the opinion of the staged Hernandez The switch is on Adair Fox-Martin, International President of the Technology Business of Data Centers at an event in Madrid, said that Madrid’s new territory opens up new opportunities for digital transformation of all sectors. “Today, when a Spanish company uses Google’s public cloud, the most common thing is that it’s a Data Center Located in Belgium, but now, moving to Madrid, we have achieved 20 times less latency, ranging from 20 milliseconds in the capital to less than 10 milliseconds in the rest of Spain, which allows us to provide a richer user experience. “.

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But there is another important point. Google promises to strengthen this area Cloud Because of its commitment to European and Spanish digital sovereignty, the presence of this infrastructure in Madrid allows customers to place their data in Spain. Some are important, especially for highly regulated areas such as public administration, health and financial services.

Google has also signed an agreement with Minsait (Indra) to develop additional layers of data sovereignty, which will allow clients to encrypt Minsait’s information in their name, with full assurance that such information can only be accessed “.

The company has not disclosed the investment it has made to start its own sector Cloud, But promised to take “almost” the 60 609 million it announced last year to invest in Spain over the next five years. Other parts of the investment are linked to the Grace Hopper submarine cable, which connects Bilbao to the US and UK; Submarine cable IquianoThe company will offer cyber security services not only to Spain but also to other parts of the world, from the Center for Excellence in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Granada, Minsight and the Malaga Cyber ​​Security Center, which connects Portugal and Africa.

According to a study commissioned by Google Economics, investment in Spain’s cloud infrastructure and the adoption of Google’s cloud services will affect the productivity of Spanish companies, leading to an increase in GDP of 1,400. And $ 1,500 million (between 1,312, 1,400 million euros) It will create 13,700 new jobs, directly and indirectly, from now until 2027. “Studies have a very conservative methodology,” Hernandez said.

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Launches Google’s Madrid region with all major services, including Compute Engine, App Engine, Google Kubernets Engine, BigTable, Cloud Storage, Spooner, and BigQuery. Customers will also have access to analytics capabilities, artificial intelligence, machine learning solutions, and application modernization tools to capitalize on the potential of cloud computing.

The internet giant indicated that it already has more than 100 clients in their area Cloud Spanish, really started working on May 9th. Among them, Telephonica, Talgo, Capital Energy, Enagas, Mapfree and TEldat. They also work on Google Cloud Carrefour, Dia, Leroy Merlin and BBVA. The company also revealed that they already have more than 30 people Partners Deploys their cloud solutions in Spain, including Telephonica Tech, Indra, Deloitte, Accenture, CapGemini, Kindle, NTT Data, Making Science, Archistemas, and Singular.

One thing Hernandez emphasized was sustainability. “We are delighted that the Madrid region is considered to be one of the lowest carbon dioxide emitters in the world. Last year we announced our commitment to ensure that any Google facility uses only carbon-free energy.

According to the manager, this is important because customers who use their cloud area in Madrid “automatically neutralize their carbon dioxide emissions, which will help them fulfill their sustainable commitments.”

Hernandez argued that there are four factors that set Google Cloud apart from other competitors. The first is “the cleanest cloud in the sector; it’s light years ahead of the competition in terms of sustainability, and the second is digital sovereignty.”

He noted Google Cloud’s commitment to multicloud, hybrid cloud, and open source. And the fact that it is “in Google’s DNA”. “We are basically a company Big dataThe associated offer to use more data and get more granular and AI-powered statistics is probably higher. ”

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Alphabet, Google’s cloud computing platform, had a turnover of $ 5,450 million in the first quarter of this year, up 44% from the same quarter in 2021. Hernandez did not break the turnover of the business. Cloud In Spain, however, this ensures that the company is “on the line” worldwide. The company will soon open new areas Cloud In Paris and Milan.

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