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Google Nest: People are flooding in to take over the Spotify deal, despite jokes that they don’t know what it is and that they will spy | The Independent

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Spotify users took to social media to mock a Google Nest Mini promotional offer of a streaming service.

On Twitter, subscribers mocked the idea that the voice assistant speaker could actually get what they wanted but mocked the idea that the assistant could spy on them.

“I didn’t even hear a Google Nest mini until I saw that they were free, and they instantly became everything I wanted in life,” said one person. Tweeted.

“I did not want to see a Google Nest free product,” he said. Said another.

Another person Tweeted They said they wanted a free speaker but their “internal conspiracy theorist is not with me.”

“Google Nest is native, so luminaires can sneak into your home, how can I get it?” A user was mocked.

Google Home Tools is designed to respond only to active “wake words” such as “OK, Google” or “Hey, Google”. But a number of incidents have gone into the idea that smart assistants are paying attention at unexpected times.

This allows the speaker to detect sounds such as smoke alarms or smashed glass and send a notification to its users’ phone. The feature was accidentally enabled through a recent software update.

Concepts of paying attention to technology products have persisted for years, leading to the cycloidal theory that users’ passive attention to conversations to send targeted ads to smartphones.

In 2018, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said This is a “goocy consultation theory” in which we pay attention to what is happening on your microphone and use it for advertising. We don’t do that.

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