Google Maps isolated by Irish hikers

Google Map Having found its place in our daily lives, we now have millions of people to use its services. However, it turns out that the recommended routes are not safe. Irish experts Is coming To sound the alarm bell … but Google does not fully agree with their observations.

These experts allege that Google Maps is encouraging people to take risky routes to reach popular destinations on social networks.

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They specifically cite the case of a very steep slope located on the side of Diarmoid and Grains Cave.

Google Maps has been accused of endangering pedestrians

In the opinion of these mountaineering experts, this place is not suitable for occasional pedestrians, so not everyone needs unnecessary equipment.

Helen Locus, a member of Mountaineering Ireland, an association specializing in trekking in Ireland, said the slope may seem particularly harmless at first glance. It is really covered with grass and the difference in height does not seem to matter. However, once you get to the top, it can be difficult to get down without the right equipment. And without proper training.

She believes this is a real problem, especially thanks to the Kilkog Mountain social media.

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No problem found on Google

This is definitely one of the places that comes up on Tic Tac Toe or Instagram, so many tourists travel to visit it. Once again tourists who are not interested in hiking and always have the right equipment to climb and safely descend the mountain.

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If we believe his statements, Google Maps will not help, because the solution will take tourists through a very complicated path for them.

However, Google does not see it that way.

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A milestone story

A company spokesman said an internal investigation had been launched and suggestions from the solution’s navigation system had not led tourists down a dangerous path. In fact, the arch that these experts refer to does not indicate a passageway in the slightest. It is a marker that shows pedestrians how far they are from their destination and no road can get them where they want to go.

It is useful to remember that Google is always very responsive when routes are likely to cause problems for its users.

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