Google Maps is getting more useful features

Google Maps is getting more useful features

Google has announced its intention to provide features that make the Maps application more useful and offer users broader possibilities for its development.

According to Google, the Maps app will soon have a feature that allows users to upload recent photos of various places they visit, such as cafes and restaurants, and attach simple comments to the image owner. It helps the rest of the users, for example when uploading a picture of a particular cafe, to attach information about its launches. Place its sections or private parking lots next to it.

Other important features available to Google Maps users include enabling them to make changes to maps by specifying lines on certain roads when they occur, whether or not they appear in older copies of the maps, and send this data to Google to process the existing data to make it more accurate and useful to those who wish to make it useful.

Google has indicated that users of its maps via Android devices in the United States will be able to contribute to a larger campaign to support the nearly 1,000 founding companies through the comments they leave next month to support these companies.

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