Google Maps, Annoying Bug or New (Unliked) Update?

Google Maps, Annoying Bug or New (Unliked) Update?

The American research giant’s service dedicated to maps and navigation has been causing many headaches for users in recent days. It looks like it Google Maps A A new way to interact with the map But, since this behavior is only visible to some users, we are not yet sure whether it is a bug or an update. Of course users don’t seem to like it!

Google Maps It is a geographic Internet service developed by Google that is also searchable Display of world maps. In short, a great adventure companion, accompanying us from the most unknown places, allows us to travel in comfort and safety.

In the past it could prevent you from visiting unknown countries and wandering in unknown areas, but now, thanks to Google Maps, We can reach any place Explore the city with all the fun it has to offer. Think about getting to bars, restaurants, pubs, but also hotels, B&Bs and beaches: by car, on foot or by public transport.

However, in the last few days there have been reports from some users who have found the annoying bug that was posted in the first instance Reddit.

Normally, when you click on a specific point on the map, the top and bottom menus disappear to make room for a full-screen view. Now, it looks like a pin has been added to the map instead, an action previously performed by holding the finger in one position for a long time. We still don’t know for sure if it is Un bug oh you An A/B test By Google though Not all users Meet this “new” feature in the app.

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Currently, it’s not even clear if the issue only affects specific devices or specific versions of Android, much less if it has anything to do with the exact build of Google Maps. We will always update you about any updates.

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