Google has launched the Nest Thermostat to save more energy at home

Google has launched the Nest Thermostat to save more energy at home
Google has launched a new initiative to help people save energy at home Nest thermostat – Easy to use, energy saving thermostat that people can control from anywhere Google Home App.

It can monitor heating and cooling systems and detect potential problems early, all for just $ 129, the company said in a statement late Monday.

“The biggest reason people are considering upgrading from a programmable thermostat is energy saving, and the new Nest thermostat can help you find ways to save that your traditional way is not possible,” said Ruchi Desai, senior product manager. Google Nest.


The Quick Schedule (in the Home app) allows users to set custom temperatures at different times and on different days.

It offers a predetermined temperature that combines comfort and energy conservation.

With the ‘Savings Finder’ feature, the Nest Thermostat is constantly on the lookout for small optimizations that will help people save energy at home.


“It suggests making small changes to your schedule that you can adopt with the home app. For example, you might suggest a small change in your sleep temperature to help you sleep, saving more energy,” Desai said.

The Nest thermostat uses ‘soli’ technology for motion sensing and phone location, so do not waste energy when you are not there to check if you are leaving the house and setting yourself up to an eco temperature.

“You can install your own nest thermostat in 30 minutes or less. It works in most homes and you can check if it works in your home before purchasing with our online compatibility checker,” Desai said.

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In addition to the home app, you can also use your assistant’s Alexa on your nest speaker or display or other smart devices to control the volume of the voice using Google Assistant.

If your nest thermostat notices something is wrong, it sends an alert via the home app or email. This feature will be available later this month to all eligible Nest thermostats in the US and Canada.

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