Google: Gmail resolved a second service outage in 2 days

Google: Gmail resolved a second service outage in 2 days
  • On Tuesday, the company announced that it had fixed an issue with Google Gmail following a “significant user subset” issue with the email service.
  • Google said that while users were still able to access Gmail during the crash, they saw error messages, logs, and ‘unexpected behavior’.
  • On Tuesday evening, the director himself received more than 16,000 reports that users were having problems with Gmail.
  • This is Google’s second service issue in two days. Yesterday, a crash took YouTube, Gmail and Google Maps out for about an hour.
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On Tuesday evening, Google said it had fixed an issue with Gmail, hours after many users had experienced issues.

“Fixed an issue with Gmail. We & # 39; ll apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your patience and continued support. Please make sure system loyalty is a priority at Google. The company said Before 4 p.m., P.T.

Gmail users experienced logs, error messages and “unexpected behavior” on the popular email service on Tuesday. The platform did not specify how many users were affected, but the service monitoring website The own detector received 16,000 reports Problems in Gmail on Tuesday evening.

“We’re aware of an issue affecting a key subsection of Gmail. Affected users can access Gmail but see error messages, high latency, and / or other unpredictable behavior.”

The service issue comes shortly after Google suffered a major crash with Google Maps, YouTube and Gmail. Business Insider previously reported that Monday’s service issues started at 6:30 a.m. ET and were resolved by ET at 8 p.m.

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On Tuesday, Google first reported problems with Gmail at 4:29 pm and at 5:18 pm Google wrote, “Our team is continuing to look into this issue. Thanks. “

For the latest on service interruptions, check out Google’s workspace status dashboard.

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