Google Clock scheduled alarms broke for some users

Google Clock scheduled alarms broke for some users

Many people think that the scheduled alarm feature in the Google Clock app is completely broken, preventing the triggering of predetermined alarms. Behind this issue, the Play Store listing has now seen a A flood of 1 star ratings Unhappy users.

[Update 09/06]: Google releases a statement / r / A thread in GooglePixel, Broken Google Clock problem may be due to integration with Spotify. One solution is to switch to one of the device’s default alarm sounds to ensure that scheduled alarms turn off on time.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you, and thank you for reporting it. We have found a solution and it will be implemented soon. In the meantime, you can change the alarm sound settings to the option under Device Sound.

A common thread / r / GooglePixel subtitle Many devices do not ignore morning alarms or show “coming soon” on their pixel devices. The problem also shows that all pre-programmed alarms are ‘lost’ shortly after the alarm is pre-programmed to sound. Android Authority).

Based on the remaining negative reviews and 1 star in the Google Clock app’s Play Store listing, these broken alarms have been bothering people for some time. However, the problem does not seem to be limited to pixel devices. Complaints come from device owners at major OEMs, including OnePlus, Samsung and Xiaomi.

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