Google Chrome is changing

Google Chrome is changing

Google Chrome comes with multiple changes. This change is being made in Microsoft’s Windows 11. Users need to know what this new Windows 11 app will look like.

The latest version of Microsoft Windows 11 has given a fresh fresh look to almost all apps. Paint, calculator, clock, etc.

Additionally, changes are being made to other popular apps in Google Chrome. Make several changes to Windows 11 to make them look better.

According to MSPowerUser, Google Chrome for Windows will receive a message for future updates. Once you update it, Google Chrome will be available in a new look. After the update, the Google Chrome browser will have a circular context menu.

Although running on Windows 11 specific computers, Google Chrome’s new context menu theme can be found in Windows 10. Windows 11 will also notice some changes, such as the Windows taskbar), and redesign the Start menu.

Microsoft has been running Windows 11 for a long time. In a few days they are going to release their latest version of Windows 11. This updated version is made with the users in mind.

Experiments are underway to make Google Chrome apps more popular with Windows 11.

Bangladesh Journal / MS

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