Google Chrome 97 beta changes how users handle site data


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Google Chrome is changing the way search engines use 97 beta data engines. Photo / IIST

CupertinoGoogle The 96th version of its Chrome browser has just been released. This new version now looks like the UI of Windows 11. With the stable release of Chrome 96, the search giant has also announced the Chrome 97 beta with new privacy features. Or replace the existing one.

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GSM Arena reports on Sunday (11/21/2021) that the new menu puts all site data in one place so users can easily track which sites’s are storing data on their computer, including cookies.

The new controls for site data are located in the same submenu – View Settings> Privacy & Security> Site Settings> Permissions and the data stored across the files.

With the introduction of the new menu, Google will no longer have granular control over cookies and site data.

The reason behind this change is that Google considers it easy for users and will cause some crash experiences on some websites. However, this option will continue to be available to developers of DevTools.

Final, Chrome 97 beta M Include support for WebTransport API and CSS media queries to check the HDR support status of a specific device.


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