Google Chat: The new Google Messenger is here! Now you need to replace the old Hangouts


With Google Chat The latest Google Messenger for private users will soon be launched, which will eventually succeed in Hangouts, which is still available and fully usable. These days, more and more users are gaining access to the new messenger that automatically imports Hangouts content. But the new messenger is now proving to be confusing again. Update: The wide roll out started.

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If a new Google Messenger is in the corner, the joy is now very limited and very few users will think about declaring the new communication service as their personal standard. Google should be well aware of this so you can switch to Hangouts Google Chat This time I want to make it as simple as possible: the same interface, the same login, and even all previous conversations should be available.

These days, more and more users are gaining access to chat, which is available at web addresses Accessible, but not yet available to most users. One of these early users was an editor from Ars Technica, who now enjoys fully imported conversations. But the happiness only lasted for a very short time, because Google Chat relied on a changed concept, and chats are now quickly divided into two different areas.

Google Chat is different between chats and rooms. It may make sense in a business environment, but for private users it is very rare – at least that is my opinion. However, Import splits chats in these two tabs. Group chats with group names come into the room and those without their own title end up in chats. There are only two tabs, but it is not clear.

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If you look at the whole Twitter conversation like this, the new app now looks like a great build site, and a lot of things still don’t work. The division into these two areas for private users is not a construction site but part of the concept, which is not going well. If simple text chats are divided into individual areas, it is doubtful how Google will envisage the communication of its own users in the future. Then there are Google Messages, Google Duo and Google Meet.

A few days ago it was known as the New Messenger Deeply integrated into GMail And must be available there in addition to your own web client. We are curious to know when Go will move forward and how individual construction sites will develop by then. For the time being I will not witness a better future for the new messenger, but maybe one day great success will follow …

A few weeks after the availability of Google Chat, it seems that the broader rollout has begun. Since yesterday evening, many users have been able to quickly access the new app. Give it a try.

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