Google allows Pixel users to use Wi-Fi when Airplane Mode is activated

جوجل تسمح لمستخدمى Pixel باستخدام الواى فاى خلال تفعيل "وضع الطيران"

Airplane Mode is a default feature available on all smartphones as this feature is mainly used during flight, earlier, Google did not allow Android users to turn on other communication tools like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when Airplane Mode was enabled.

But with Android 11, Google started allowing users to turn on Bluetooth even when Airplane Mode is enabled, as the tech giant is now expanding this feature to Wi-Fi on Pixel phones, and Google enabled the Bluetooth feature to keep users’ headphones on. Smart watches are connected.

The company is now offering a similar feature for Wi-Fi, where Airplane Mode will now ask Pixel users to turn on their cellular data.

According to a report by 9to5google, this new Wi-Fi feature has been spotted working on devices running Android 13 QPR1 in beta and stable versions. Apart from this, the report did not specify much about the new feature, which Google is expected to build. Also available on non-Pixel phones. .

Pixel owners who enable Wi-Fi in Airplane Mode are starting to get a new Android notification that says “If you turn on Wi-Fi, it will stay on the next time you’re in Airplane Mode”.

Clicking on this notification will take users to a Pixel support article that explains the feature’s default behavior. Google mentioned how users can set the feature manually and how the device will remember the user’s previous setting.

When a user first turns on Airplane Mode on their Android phone, the device will automatically disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, however, users can change this setting to maintain their wireless connections (with devices like smartwatches or earphones). turned on Android also allows users to turn off their wireless connections according to their preferences.

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The next time the user turns on Airplane Mode, another system-wide prompt reminds users of their choice. This time you will notice a message that users can turn off Wi-Fi while in airplane mode and return to the default behavior.

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