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Good news for Google Android users

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Internet desk: Satellite connectivity to mobile.. This has been the talk of the tech world for the past few days. The tech world has been talking about this ever since the news that the iPhone 14 models will feature this technology. Google Good News says that Android will now have similar technology. With this, phone calls and messages can be made on Android mobiles even when there is no network. Android senior vice president Hiroshi Losheimer tweeted.

Rabom is going to introduce satellite connectivity feature in Android version. For this we accept cooperation from partners

– Hiroshi Losheimer in a tweet

Android 13 operating system is now ready for release. Its beta version does not feature options like satellite connectivity. Moreover, it will be available to users soon. So this major change is unlikely to occur on the 13th. In this context, tech sources predict that this new feature will be available in Android 14 itself.

SpaceX in 2023

Although 5G services are available all over the world… some areas do not even have a regular mobile network. In this context, T-Mobile and SpaceX made an announcement a few days ago. Starlink has announced that it will provide connectivity through satellite network to areas without mobile network. It is also informed that these services will start in 2023. It is learned that Starlink is already providing internet services abroad with satellite connectivity. There was a plan to start this type of service in India as well, but it was postponed due to technical reasons.

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