Golf: Stephen Sachs is the European champion for Eschweig

Golf: Stephen Sachs is the European champion for Eschweig

When reading green: Stephen Sax scrutinizes the planned trajectory of the ball.

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He did it again: Stefan Sachs from Schweiz won the European Championship in AK50 with the German national golf team after 2018 in Sedin, Slovakia.

Eschwege – He was rewarded for his hard and persistent work in training, his filigree in the stroke collection on the golf course or his intense efforts in the studio to gain the necessary physical fitness based on his excellent success.

After 2018, with the German national golf team in Sedin, Slovakia, he again won the European Championship title of AK50, which simply means: Eshwej is the birthplace of a European champion.

After three qualifying tournaments, in the second week of August the decisive momentum demanded by the Schweig specialist was that at the European Championship venue, Stephen Sachs finished second in the seeding list with 1030 points ahead of Martin Birkholes (1170) and Sedin’s captain Thomas Hugh.

By car to the European Championships in Sedin

Let’s start the European Championship adventure: “I went to Sedin in a car with Martin Birkholz. The golfer who works for GSV Dusseldorf took me to Eschwege and had to carry a lot of utensils from our four teammates to Slovakia, ”the 56-year-old explains, adding that they arrived on the plane and had luggage problems.

Eight hours later, the two reached their destination and the next day was able to end in a calm atmosphere, but it was about the calm before the storm, and it was already clear to us that the tension would not go away, and that even the slightest panic was unquestionably vast, “Stephen Sachs said the next morning with a smile during the WR conversation,” Gone: “Even though we only qualified here a few days ago, it was an important way to know the course, and this time it was in a completely different situation. “

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Fast green and violent winds

Literally: “The greens were very fast, the strong winds completely affected the conditions. The next day things got worse, and the rain made things even more difficult,” says Eschweger, looking back at the first two days of the classification-determined competition.

Each of the six golfers from the 23 participating nations must play the course, and at the end the top five results are included in the evaluation, eliminating the worst result: It was too far from the target.

“The tension at dinner was already noticeable, and our captain Thomas Habner also focused on the second day of qualification, swearing to us and talking intensely about our strengths. Let’s get started. “

A complete golf thriller in the quarter finals

Even if all places are played in an EM, the end count is progress, only the way to the final, which leads to what are called hole betting games. Playing one doubles and four singles means that three out of five points played will lead to victory for the medals.

The quarter-final against Spain (fifth place after the preliminary round) saw a long time between defeats between Schiffer and Birkholes, but then Mark Wohman from Nouheim turned on the last five holes to win 3.5 to 1.5.

German European Golf Champions: Thomas Himmel (Feldofing), Martin Birkholz (Dസ്സsseldorf), Stefan Sax, Mark Womhagen (Bad Nouheim), Captain Thomas Hubner (Tegernsey), and Eckhard

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In the semi-finals, the top favorite awaited England as the clear winner of the qualification. However, the Germans unexpectedly won 4-1 with Thomas Himmmel, Thomas Himmmil on Stephen Sachs’ point, and again, Mark Wohman in the singles.

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Newcomer Mark Wm Hogan redirects the game

“The final against France, the surprise winner of the second favorite Ireland, was very close. The French have always made a strong team, but they have never reached the final of a European Championship. It was our newcomer Mark Worm’s Hogan again, turning the game around and leading us to the European Championship title 3-2.

Looking back on 2018, it remains interesting to note that at the same time the same opponents were eliminated in the knockout rounds of the European Championship title. Only the order has changed, with France, the last opponents, eliminated in the quarter-finals, England in the semi-finals and Spain in the final.

Stefan Sachs from Hoveg can once again call himself the European Golf Champion.

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For Stefan Tendulkar, a dream came true a second time, but it was accompanied by mixed emotions: “It looks like a defeat against Spain, we were already thinking about the games for fifth place. But when our captain brought the news of victory, it was emotionally the biggest moment of the entire tournament for me. The evening before the semi – finals of the Bratislava tour, we met the Englishmen and gave them plenty of beer, “said Stephen Sachs.”

The celebration is in a small group

Since players from many countries were on the plane shortly after the ceremony, we celebrated a bit with our team after the medal transfer and the national anthem, not to be missed, as we will do in April next year. When we had trouble getting in, we supported each other, had fun and acted like caddies. “

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Returning home, of course, the Schweig-based specialist is delighted: “I’m excited for the moment I’m immersed in the atmosphere of my colleagues at the golf club in Wilhelmshire.” (Harold Thriller)

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