Golden Visa: Leap forward in 2020. High demand from the US

Golden Visa: Leap forward in 2020.  High demand from the US

Gold passport leap in 2020. Compared to the issuance of gold visas of other nationalities, the pandemic year would see an increase of 32 percent. The most surprising jumps were made by Hanwi stars and stripes (+ 192%), followed by Candace (+ 34%), British (+ 29%) and French (+ 26%). And not just because the race for gold visas continues in 2021.

In this case, the requests would have increased by 40%. Henley & Partner Consultants, one of the most important English consulting firms, highlighted this trend. During the year of the epidemic, many scoundrels tried to flee to pandemic-free countries to escape virus-infected areas (usually large cities). So you need passports to escape from Kovid, and …


Abandon the image of sand, palm trees and desolate islands. Schrungers often opt for the golden visa of a country that offers tax or circulatory benefits. Therefore, according to the collected data Aston, Company offering solutions for investment repurchases and residency in the country, UK, European Union and Caribbean Austria. With an investment of 70 2,704,787 in 2-3 years, it will be possible to gain local citizenship and the opportunity to start investing and other economic activities in 187 countries.

In second place Malta It contributes only one million to the real economy and gives the green light to another 184 countries in 14 months. The bronze medal replaces Cyprus, which has about 2 million investments and 6 months in the local economy, and provides genuine access to 174 different countries. It does not end there as other European countries are also involved in the system. Of these, Bulgaria, which requires an equivalent investment of 1 461,617 in the national economy, is being pushed to 171 different countries.

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Italy With 225,399, it only gives access to 26 countries, and it takes 10 years to get citizenship. Strictly speaking, this is not a particularly populated one. Greece, on the other hand, needs a contribution similar to ours, but it only takes 2 months to acquire citizenship and interact with 26 other countries. Even Portugal Play on time. In fact, you can go ahead with a donation of 2 252,447 in just 3 months. The same is true for Spain. 2 months and $ 450,798 Spanish passport and pass to 26 countries. Finally there are two more: Ireland and Monaco. They are also known to be particularly flexible from a financial standpoint. For the first, it will take 7 450,798, 2 months to file. Monaco requires a similar approval period, but with a contribution of 1 million.

There are other countries that sell passports in exchange for investments by shifting focus outside the European Union. These are known jurisdictions. So we see in the Caribbean Sea St. Kitts & Nevis It contributes 4 114,227 in 45-60 days and guarantees access to the passport and 156 other countries. Antigua and Barbuda Investing 76,152 in 3-6 months, he gets not only his own citizenship, but also the green light to 151 other places. But it does not end here, because St. Lucia It makes citizenship possible within 3-4 months. At the same time if you request a Grenada. Finally വാനുവാടു. Here you will be charged 9,98,997, and within a month you will know whether the practice is approved or not.

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