Gojoukou Investment Funds, a meeting of shareholders in Brindisi

Gojoukou Investment Funds, assemblea degli azionisti a Brindisi

The meeting was also attended by some members of Civitavachia

The founding shareholders’ meeting of Gojoukou Investment Funds, an investment fund incorporated under Irish law, was held last Saturday in the “Reale” room of Grande Albergo Internazionale di Brindisi.

The Assembly, chaired by the Board of Directors, President and CEO Sabino Antonio Mastrapasqua, and Vice Presidents Pierlo Luigi Ruta and Vito Rutigliano, handled the approval of the 2022/2024 three-year resolution. Its function.

In this regard, the President clarified the complex industrial plan for 20 years, which provides for the construction of agro-recycling plants, the reconstruction of agro-industrial sectors and the revival of neglected industrial sectors. The addition of plant biogas and biomethane in these contexts actually creates economic, social, environmental and occupational benefits, which are linked to the production and management of plants. It is the basis for the growth of the ecosystem at the regional and regional levels, and for the creation of a good model of a circular economy.

In anticipation of the marketing of the production lines of the subsidiaries “Atargatis” and “Settlens”, among many other activities, design, manufacture, sale, feed-producing plants for greenhouses and agricultural structures, bio-fertilizers, biocosmetics, over-the-counter, counter-counterparts Valuable homogenized products, CO2 used in biogas production, biomethane purification, biomedical, food and industrial purposes.

Fund operators and technicians in the industrial area of ​​Brindisi have found suitable sheds to start the first operations: in view of the significant size and diversity of existing activities in the regulations, and in the years to come, they are numerous enterprises planning new settlements in the local area and the rest of Puglia.

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It is an important opportunity for the region to host one of the first green funds born in Europe, investing in microalgaes for the first time.

Beyond the undoubted benefits of a pragmatic nature, and above all, the implications for the region and the environment are important when considering the ethical component of the enterprise.

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