Going to RTL for Netflix streaming services?

Going to RTL for Netflix streaming services?

German television is made relatively simply. Reality shows have been very popular for a few years now, and every broadcaster has a few formats in its program. Sometimes with “ordinary” people, sometimes with celebrities. However, the RTL Group has been particularly successful in promoting this format in Germany. Already (very) years ago with Big Brother on RTL II. Although reality TV is much less popular than the modern high-gloss series, Netflix is ​​now intervening as it is more enjoyable to a larger audience.

Netflix plans a number of reality shows: Love, Baking, Cleaning, and more

Netflix Reality has now announced a major “casting call” in several countries. Anyone interested from the respective countries can register for the planned reality shows with a short video Apply. Initially, shows were planned for the USA, Canada, Great Britain and Ireland, which will be seen here as well. With the associated success rate, Netflix has the potential to expand its reality program in other countries in the future. Do you want to be the RTL of streaming services?

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