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The school will offer 200 Exchange Scholarships exclusively for Brazilians, of which 190 will study full time in Dublin at a discount of up to 50 with 190 full time

Irish Language School Seda College begins The largest exchange program in the world, Seda Dream. With an investment of $ 1 million, the initiative Only 200 exchange scholarships will be awarded to Brazilians, Out of these ten integrals, to study in Dublin, Ireland, where up to $ 15,000 and 190% of scholarships are discounted up to 50%. Registration closes on April 15.

To participate, candidates must fill out a form Registration on the Seda Dream Program website. The inspection will be conducted in two phases on May 24, 25/4, May 1 and 2. The participation fee is R $ 97, and Seda College offers three months of access to the online platform, with over 60 English courses at all levels.

According to Vanessa Melo, CEO of Seda College Online, the school’s goal is to provide access to language teaching for all and to help with professional development. “We want Brazilians to be prepared to transform their careers through international experience and the acquisition of a new language,” the executive said. After completing the form and completing the registration, the program selection process will take place in two stages: First, on the 24th and 25th, candidates will gain an English exam and a general knowledge of Ireland.

In the next phase, one logic test will be applied on May 1 and 2 and the other at Seda College. The sum of the points in the General Knowledge, Logic and Seda College Tests is equal to the discount amount, which can reach up to 50%. In English assessment, the score is used only to assess the level of each student. Everyone who completes the four tests is eligible for the program. On May 5, the names of the full and partial scholarship winners will be announced on the Seda Dream social networks. Vacancies will close on May 5, after enrollment begins.

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However, with Restrictions on foreign travel, As a result of the pandemic period, those selected from the program may choose to extend the trip by up to 12 months or to renew that date if necessary. It is also important to remember that you must be at least 18 years old to enter other countries.

The winners of the final version of the program can be found on the website Seda DreamAmong them are student testimonials: Eric de Oliveira from Rio de Janeiro; Gabriela Alvarenga from Minas Gerais; Lucas Riani from Sao Paulo.

The language school has an overseas internship program, a Seda internship, an employability project, and a Seda job. In total, in addition to business English, job interviews and travel, the Ceda College online platform, which offers English courses from basic to advanced levels, has around 300,000 participants.

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