Goals and Highlights Patchouli 1-1 Puma, 2020 Liga MX | 10/27/2020

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1:04 AM3 hours ago


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1:03 AM3 hours ago

Running tie

In this draw, Pumaz finished third and Pachuka seventh, however, they will need to strengthen their position to improve their position in the table.

1:03 AM3 hours ago

End the game

Patchouli -1 1-1 puma

1:01 AM3 hours ago

97 ‘

Shooting a waiter too far from the target

12:58 AM3 hours ago

93 ‘

No fine. The pumice changes and enters the iniesta leaves and lira

12:57 AM3 hours ago

93 ‘

Possible fines will be reviewed from Moso in Pardo

12:54 AM4 hours ago

90 ‘

Nine minutes added

12:53 AM4 hours ago

89 ‘

Sosa leaves and Ramos enters. Change of patchouli

12:50 AM4 hours ago

86 ‘

Alfredo scolds the head for giving a push to this area

12:48 AM4 hours ago

86 ‘

Chavez advises Iturbe to knock

12:45 AM4 hours ago

81 ‘

Another counter-stroke by Pachuka, Figero hooks over the goal

12:44 AM4 hours ago

80 ‘

Change of patchouli. Davila leaves and Pardo enters

12:43 AM4 hours ago

79 ‘

Medium distance of Ustari not jumping within small area

12:41 AM4 hours ago

77 ‘

Gonzalez heading over the Ustari door

12:37 AM4 hours ago

73 ‘

Alvarez is ahead of Ustari and the ball passes over the goal

12:32 AM4 hours ago

70 ‘

Conderboblo throwing to the side of de la Rosa in the clearing of Patchouli

12:31 AM4 hours ago

68 ‘

Kevin Alvarez is cautious and will have a direct free kick in favor of Puma

12:30 AM4 hours ago

67 ‘

He played as a head sweeper and dropped the ball on time

12:29 AM4 hours ago

66 ‘Patchwork 1-1 Puma

12:27 AM4 hours ago

63 ‘

Dinno fails in a small area, and the best Ustari intervention protects your target

12:25 AM4 hours ago

62 ‘

Patchouli’s shot is a far cry from the genetic shot

12:24 AM4 hours ago

60 ‘

Removes red and fixes VAR and warns valerian

12:22 AM4 hours ago

59 ‘

Checks on the VAR but Waller exits through the back entrance

12:21 AM4 hours ago

58 ‘

Patchouka immediately gave the referee permission

12:18 AM4 hours ago

55 ‘

The head is still lying, and Gonzalez is already hot on the heels of not being able to follow the college guard

12:14 AM4 hours ago

50 ‘

The head is still lying, and Gonzalez is already hot on the heels of not being able to follow the college guard

12:11 AM4 hours ago

48 ‘

Direct free throw where there is a strong confrontation between the head and de la Rosa

12:10 AM4 hours ago

47 ‘

Volunteer center that goes out without problems

12:08 AM4 hours ago

46 ‘

The second half begins

11:47 PM5 hours ago

Davila missed the penalty

11:45 PM5 hours ago

42 ‘

Puma lost it. The center of Waller and Dineno is thrown from the popcorn, but the ball goes out

11:41 PM5 hours ago

38 ‘

The big mistake of Patchouli and Talavera returns to save its target

11:41 PM5 hours ago

38 ‘

Cabral has been warned

11:40 PM5 hours ago

37 ‘

Devila’s shot deviates and goes to a corner

11:39 PM5 hours ago

35 ‘

Davila takes the penalty kick to the left and the header saves the ball

11:37 PM5 hours ago

33 ‘

Dinino pushed into the area and knocked Davila to the penalty spot

11:36 PM5 hours ago

32 ‘

Valor from Puma is lying in the field and medical care is already taking care of him

11:33 PM5 hours ago

30 ‘

A long-armed waiter who was able to repel Pachuka’s defense

11:29 PM5 hours ago

25 ‘

Patchouli had more balls, but Puma had more risks than the two options he already had, where one had already scored

11:25 PM5 hours ago

21 ‘

At the start, Pachuka loses the ball and Ullari takes the first shot that Vallar misses

11:24 PM5 hours ago

20 ‘

In the first post, Puma’s defense turns and clears the ball

11:22 PM5 hours ago

19 ‘

The title of Gonzalez in a very different set piece

11:22 PM5 hours ago

18 ‘

Patchouli was the best so far with two shots that disturbed the goal of the header

11:16 PM5 hours ago

13 ‘

Aguero’s long shot and header flies to defend his frame

11:15 PM5 hours ago

12 ‘

De La Rosa hits the ball into the area through his chest, but the pressure makes him suffocate and block the shot.

11:14 PM5 hours ago

10 ‘

Corner shot that wastes the patch and easily reaches the head

11:12 PM5 hours ago

9 ‘

De la Rosa’s auction to the crossbar, but a wrong place is allowed

11:09 PM5 hours ago

5 ‘

Although the whistle allowed for a dangerous game, it was Chilean de Gonzalez who went on top

11:08 PM5 hours ago

4 ‘

Mistake in Gonzalez, free kicks to Puma

11:07 PM5 hours ago

4 ‘

Despite the lack of depth, it was the first minute Pacquiao got the ball in possession

11:04 PM5 hours ago

1 ‘

The first service of the sauce, which is not the best shot

10:59 PM5 hours ago

They enter the field

Both teams jump on the bandwagon, but do so at a doctor’s place as a reminder to doctors about pandemics.

10:55 PM6 hours ago

We are minutes away

Do not watch the 15th day of the MX League between Patchouli and Puma end here, by the way

10:48 PM6 hours ago

They are looking for

The U.S., Tigress, and Cruz Azul monitor what Pumas does or does not do to find out where it ends after 15 days

10:47 PM6 hours ago

They value the environment

Thanks to three wins, two draws and two defeats, Los Tusos won 11 of 21 points.

10:41 PM6 hours ago

50 percent

With nine wins from 18 units, winning only two of six games, Puma’s has only scored half of the points available as visitors.

10:34 PM6 hours ago

Basic forces

Pachukka and Pumas drew 1-1 in the under-20 division this morning

10:33 PM6 hours ago

Already qualified

Patchouli and Puma have confirmed their involvement, at least in the re-announcement

10:31 PM6 hours ago

Defensive duels

With 12 goals, Pacquiao is the second best defense in the league, with Puma getting only 13, so expect a closed game tonight.

10:19 PM6 hours ago


Head; Moso, Mayorga, Vasquez, Freer; Iniesta, Alvarez, Valor, Wigan; Dineno, Gonzalez

10:16 PM6 hours ago

XI Patch

ഉസ്താരി; Alvarez, Cabral, Murillo, Guzman; Aguirre, Sauce, Chavez, Davila; De la Rosa, Sanchez

10:07 PM6 hours ago

If you win …

If successful, Puma will rise to second place. If they draw they will be third, but if they lose they will be fifth overall

10:03 PM6 hours ago

They recognize creation

9:59 PM6 hours ago

We started …

The 15th day of the MX League concludes here with the basic game between Patchouli’s Tusos and UNM’s Pumus.

11:05 AM17 hours ago

Tune in here

Do not miss the match details with VAVEL’s live updates and annotations. Follow with us all the details, annotations, analyzes and lineups for this Patchwork vs Pumas match.

11:00 AM17 hours ago

The latest games

They have faced Pacquiao five times in the last five years, with three wins and two defeats in favor of Toussaint. The latest encounter took place 2-0 in the 2019 aperture for Hidalgo.

10:55 AM18 hours ago

How to watch Patchwork vs Puma Live TV & Stream

10:45 AM18 hours ago

The main player is Patchouli

Although he recently admitted that he has a special affection for the company that brought him to Mexico, Ismail Sosa will face Puma again and try to score a goal.

10:40 AM18 hours ago

Referee Pachukka vs Pumas

The referee in charge of this match will be Oscar Makias Romo.

10:35 AM18 hours ago

Last lineup Puma

Head; Rodriguez, Vazquez, Freer, Mayorga; Guterres, Lira, Wigan, Iturbe; Alvarez, Dino.

10:30 AM18 hours ago

Patch the last lineup

ഉസ്താരി; Aguirre, Herrera, Cabral, Alvarez; Chavez, Sanchez, Sosa, Guzman, Ibarra; Of roses.

10:25 AM18 hours ago

PUMAS: Still in the top four

10:20 AM18 hours ago

Patch: Press to the end

10:15 AM18 hours ago

Kick off time

The Patchouli vs Pumas match will be played at the Hidalgo Stadium in Patchouli. Kickoff is scheduled for 11pm ET.

10:10 AM18 hours ago

Welcome to VAVEL.com’s live coverage of the 2020 Liga MX Match: Patchouli vs Puma!

My name is Adrian Hernandez and I will be your host for this game. We will provide you with pre-game analysis, roster updates and news while live on the bat here.

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