Global television trends

Global television trends

Fiction: Original stories and serial killers

– Serial killers and other “cold cases” (unresolved inquiries) are popular with broadcasters, BBC Seed Pembrokeshire murders Or using TF1 Promise. Many of these stories are based on real events.

This is the situation Pembrokeshire murders, As Of the serpent Created by BBC with Tahar Rahim and arrives on Netflix. We think so too Follow-up, A TF1 fiction in two parts about the Michael Fahrenheit affair bird (Spain), a series inspired by the release of dozens of convicts following a judicial change.

– In the same vein, Red Ripper (Red Ripper) A Russian series devoted to the most famous serial killer of the Soviet era, nicknamed “The Butcher of Roche”. And the Israel series Come on mobile, Inspired by real events, tells the story of a policeman’s struggle against a group that has taken control of his hometown.

Entertainment: South Korea and Kids Games

– South Korea continues to fill screens like, in addition to its fiction (in addition to its fiction) Good doctor). The Mask Singer phenomenon, especially a game that started in 2015, we need to figure out who is behind the wide-ranging singers, who have already successfully imported into the United States (Fox) or France (TF1).

It has been adopted in 13 new countries since September, according to consulting firm The WitIt is particularly successful in Finland, Israel and Norway. In the background, I can see your voice, born the same year (renamed M6), your voice.

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– Entertainment based on children’s games is on the rise: These fun and family performances are based on universal games and play on the nostalgia of the audience. This is the case with Lego Masters, which launched in the Netherlands in 2017, adapting the M6 ​​in France.. Subsequent victories may come at the Marble Media Marbles game (Netherlands), with beautiful decorations or from the Australian competition around the Holy Molly Mini Golf Course.

– Other pastimes combine common culture and physical challenges, such as the Money Shot (Germany), where competitors have to throw a ball to a more distant target, or ‘Address Games Lightning (United Kingdom). In the bank balance (United Kingdom) they have to keep the gold bars in balance.

Reality show

Channels have always been invented when it comes to social experimentation. Food with Enemies (Ireland), two opposites trying to find a common ground, And on the list of two (Netherlands), a person eats with a secret guest, not knowing whether it will lead to a reunion, revelations, or declarations of love.

Catch in the Net (Germany) warns cyber hunters, using actors working on bait, for cooling results. More calm, Dr. Pavil (Spain) A psychiatrist works with animals to help her patients.

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