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Global minimum tax from all 136 countries. Gentiloni: “Epochal Step”

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Ireland, Estonia and Hungary will increase their corporate tax rates, And so onComprehensive tax reform agreement negotiated by the OECD And supported G20. In this way, the final obstacle to the completion of the project is eliminated. The agreement, announced in July, applies to multinational companies with a turnover of 136 countries in the region. At least 750 million euros, Including several large tech companies.

“After detailed discussions, the government accepted my recommendation to join the Irish International Convention on Taxation,” he commented. Finance Minister Pascal Donohue At a press conference. “This is a very important stage in global reform,” he said, adding that the agreement would mean a lower corporate tax rate of 15%, effective than the current “minimum of 15%”. Dublin objected as it opened the door to future increases.

By signing this agreement, Dublin shakes up its low-tax economic model, which has allowed it to attract a number of multinational companies, especially tech and pharmaceutical giants, whose European headquarters are registered there. According to a commissioned survey Irish Times, A large part of the Irish 12.5% ​​was favorable for maintaining the rate, Has allowed the country to enjoy the fastest economic growth in the last 20 years.

On this path, Prime Minister of Estonia Tallinn also announced that he would join the deal. This “will not change anything for the vast majority of Estonian financial operators and will only affect the branches of large multinational companies”, the Premier underlined. Kaja Kallas.

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Sigzarto Wrote after a meeting on Facebook yesterday US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken In Paris, “Hungary is ready to compromise”.

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“A Generative and Extremely Positive Step for Europe’s Collective Efforts to Build a Transparent and Sustainable Global Tax System”. So he commented EU Economic Commissioner, Paulo Gentiloni, Twitter.

Janet Yellen, U.S. Treasury Secretary He stated that the global minimum tax is “the world on the path to success for generations”. Yellen added that the global minimum tax would “create a better playground where jobs and investments can thrive and generate credible income for programs that benefit middle-class families and working people.” Another treasury official added that the 15% lower tax rate would be a basis for countries to set higher rates to meet their needs.

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