Global minimum tax for multinational companies, revises US rate below: 15%. Italy agrees: to a deal at the G20 in Venice

Global minimum tax for multinational companies, revises US rate below: 15%.  Italy agrees: to a deal at the G20 in Venice

It will come in all possibilities G20 In Venice, early July, contract Low taxes for multinational companies Released in April at the behest of the US Joe Biden. In Italy, above all, there are suggested discussions Enrico Letta In the tax increase Succession, Two pieces of news have arrived in the last few days: what Washington should officially be on ThursdayGlobal minimum rate. This figure is lower than initially estimated 15% Instead of profit 21% This is the current tax on corporate profits applied to the US after the reform Trump (The White House intends to increase this to 28%). For the led department Janet Yellen However, that level represents the minimum threshold, and the international debate must pursue the ambitious goals of reforming it upwards. In the context of formalization from abroad, it is certain that even the hitherto silent Rome has given its green light: Minister Daniel Franco He welcomed the proposal and said, “As president of the G20, we are implementing everything Attempts To ensure that a political agreement is reached at the July G20 meeting in Venice, while technical discussions continue at the OECD


A revolution that weakens forever Run down It has already garnered the support of countries that attract companies with more favorable taxes Germany and France, Optimists. “It looks like we will have a deal this summer,” said the German finance minister. Olaf Scholes, In the Ana Mal formal Euro group in Lisbon. For Scholes, the US proposal is “really great progress” and will lead the way. Web taxThis is because the agreement on minimum taxation will help “fight the tax on the bottom of the big digital platforms.” French colleague Bruno Meyer The minimum rate would be 15% “a good compromise”. But the numbers are not written in stone. “The main issue is not numbers”, but “make a political deal as soon as possible, that is, during the G20 meeting in Venice”. It is important to always reach a compromise at that point in the “pillar of digital taxation”.

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Clearly, small countries remain based on their economies based on tax schemes favorable to multinational corporations, which are below the minimum threshold and are perfectly legal as there are no common laws. L‘IrelandThis applies, for example 12.5%. Luxembourg Minister – It is no coincidence that they live in Luxembourg Amazon On the part of other large multinational companies – the Euro Group, he dashed expectations as negotiations continued to deepen. But the Commissioner of Economics Polo Gentiloni He said he was optimistic about the G20 deal.

Meanwhile, Italy is moving ahead with its own global tax-free web tax. In fact, by mid-May Payment Of the first annuity of the tax provided by the Government’s 2017 Budget Act, led by Gentiloni. In the French model, the baptismal tax Stupid Italian web tax is applicable on the initials of the largest USA (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple) paid firstCompanies with annual revenues of over 750 million worldwide, of which at least 5.5 are in Italy. Its weight Income Derived from the provision of well-defined services: this is the “digital interface of targeted users’ interface transfer of the same interface”, “the provision of a versatile digital interface that allows users to interact and interact with them, and to facilitate the direct delivery of goods or services to the user” Transfer. ”Assuming that the user using the taxable service is in Italian territory, they exist Transactions with end customers are avoided And direct sales of goods and services through its website or as part of a digital brokerage service. The expected revenue in the first year of application was over 700 million: according to one analysis, it is not considered small Mediobanka, Today the Italian branches of large web groups pay approximately to the Italian tax authorities 70 million per year Thanks to “optimization” systems that shift profits to countries where subsidies are taxed.

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