Global Minimum Tax for Multinational Companies, Pickett: “It’s a shame to call it the ‘best result’. Do they think we’re fools? I need another 15% tax.”

Global Minimum Tax for Multinational Companies, Pickett: "It's a shame to call it the 'best result'. Do they think we're fools? I need another 15% tax."
So in Ireland it is 12.5% ​​to 15%: is this a joke?“. French economist Thomas Pickett European leaders do not share the excitement of the agreement signed in London between the G7 finance ministers to impose global taxes on multinational companies. “I just want to pay 15% tax,” the author comments The capital of the 21st century, Guest A. Trento at the Festival of Economics. What if he is the Prime Minister? Mario Draghi One word is enough for an economist at the Paris School of Economics: “A historic step towards greater equality and social justice for citizens”Defamatory“Explains why.” Giving large multinationals the privilege of paying 15% tax It is to give small and medium enterprises the right to pay less than they should, Like most people and the middle class in general, ”says Pickett, who jokes and wants a lower tax rate on himself. Again: “It would be nice if everyone paid 15 percent, but we know that If we need transportation, schools, and public health, that is not possible. Once again, the middle class is financing these things, while we are giving discounts to those who can afford to buy branch offices at tax sites. Is it unacceptable to be confronted with this talk about a great outcome, and are they taking us for fun? “.
What if he was the European Commissioner for Economy? Paulo Gentiloni Congratulations to the US Government Joe Biden For promoting this initiative, “EU countries have responded to the US proposal for a 21% tax rate, concealing the excuse to compromise for all, Pickett recalls. There was no unity. One way to say no to a slightly bolder proposal than the one currently signed in Europe. Submitted by famous books, Of inequality and redistribution of wealth. On the side of the meeting, Pickett also commented on the recent proposal Enrico Letta To review the inheritance tax to allow more income for the youth: “An enterprise going in the right direction, But I invite Enrico Letta to go further. According to the economist, there is a need to tax large assets because “we cannot wait for billionaires to die and leave their large savings to their children to levy their taxes”. In terms of the purpose of this tax, it is far from the goal of giving everyone the same start-up opportunity of 10,000 euros for every eighteen years proposed by the Democratic Party secretary. I have suggested 120 thousand, I guarantee it to you Even in this way the goal of equal opportunities has not been achieved“But economists are convinced that this is the best way to keep the Italian economy afloat, and that young people need the resources to invest, create and do business to grow.
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