Global Covid Report: Europe imposes Paris curfew on rising cassowary | Coronavirus

Millions of Europeans have faced new corona virus controls, according to the World Health Organization, which reported a 44% increase in European cases within a week.

From Saturday evening, Paris and several other French cities will go under a night curfew that will last at least a month. England bans mixed domestic gatherings in the capital and elsewhere, limiting bar openings to Italy’s most populous region and suspending sporting events.

The need for action France Underlined as the country reported another record in new cases, more than 32,000 were registered within 24 hours.

Global diseases, which have killed more than 1.1 million people worldwide, are soaring beyond what was seen in the first wave earlier this year, with many countries adopting national lockdowns to control the crisis.

The death toll has also caused pandemic social and economic devastation around the world.

The United StatesFor the fiscal year ended September 30, it recorded a record deficit of $ 3.1 tonnes. More than 218,000 deaths.

The number was also announced The cases crossed 8 millionGlobal daily infections also reached a new record.

In an effort to stem the tide of infection, many governments have tightened controls to control the spread of the disease, although some dissidents are fighting back in the courts.

Twenty million people in the Paris region and eight other French cities are under curfew from 9pm to 6pm on Saturday. It has become one of the major hotspots in Europe.

Many restaurant owners are unhappy with their business ventures.

“Closing at 9pm will not affect any contagion,” said Gerard, manager of a Toulouse restaurant. “They are not attacking it properly.”

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Britain It is the most affected country in Europe with 43,000 deaths from 700,000 cases.

Criticism grew from some quarters as London tightened government restrictions on indoor meetings between members of various households and several other English cities.

Under the new measures, about 28 million people, about half of England’s population, are now subject to severe social restrictions.

There are some officials in the north-west of England Opposed their cities A new three-level alert system is being set up at the highest level.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has acknowledged that regional control policies cannot be “painless.”

But it is hoped that these measures will be sufficient to avoid another full lockdown.

Northern Ireland Meanwhile, pubs and restaurants were closed for a month on Friday, extending the school holidays.

GermanyChancellor Angela Merkel has urged citizens to stay home whenever possible after 7,830 cases are released within 24 hours.

“What determines winter is our Christmas in the coming weeks,” she said in her weekly podcast.

A Berlin court on Friday overturned an order to close restaurants and bars, the latest legal setback to German national and local governments’ efforts to control the spread of the corona virus.

In ItalyLombardy, a prosperous northern region that was hit hardest by the first wave of the virus in February, has ordered all bars to close at midnight.

Slovakia It was announced on Saturday that it would test everyone over the age of ten for the virus, as infections there have increased.

“The test will be generous,” Prime Minister Igor Matovich told reporters in a country of 5.4 million people, without elaborating on whether it was mandatory or voluntary.

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Poland, The Czech Republic And Belgium Announced all daily record casloads.

The government has asked the military to set up a 500-bed field hospital outside Prague in the Czech Republic.

Belgium will impose its own curfew from Monday midnight to 5am, and cafes and restaurants will be closed for four weeks.

Schools and colleges in major Polish cities are closed, while restaurants are closed from 9 p.m.

Among other developments:

  • Austria, Slovenia And Hungary Everyone announced an increase in cases – in Slovenia, wearing a mask in public places is mandatory.

  • Mortality Iran The health ministry said the number had crossed 30,000.

  • Israel The first phase of the measures, introduced last month, is set to ease some lockdown restrictions starting Sunday.

  • Saudi Arabia State television reported on Sunday that its citizens and residents were allowed to pray for the first time in seven months at the Al Haram Mosque in Makkah, one of the holiest places of worship in Islam.

  • New Zealand, Which twice eliminated the virus, was reported Its first local case for 22 days.

  • Of the French Fellowship Wallis and Futuna The first case of an epidemic was reported in the South Pacific.

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