Global Champions League, Madrid on the move after the first round

Global Champions League, Madrid on the move after the first round

Roma – Audience ecstasy al Circus Maximus for the Longines Global Champions Tour of Rome, “Equitation’s Formula 1” entertained thousands of spectators on the first day of racing. The most awaited event was the first round of the Global Champions League, a team competition that saw 16 teams take to the field fighting for the season title in the afternoon. 155 on time to win – GCL – first match Turkish Omar Karevli In Cella advertising Avant Toy (0 / 67.93) Istanbul under the Sultan, followed by German Daniel Ducer (St. Tropez Pirates) Su Jasmine vd Bishop (0 / 68.02) and Irish champion Darragh Kenny (0 / 70.05) of the Paris Panthers of Volnay du Boisdeville. The blues don’t shine Emmanuel Gaudiano E Francesco Tarturiello 34th and 35th positions only. Looking forward to tomorrow’s crucial round, I Madrid Inn movement (4 / 140.93) lead the temporary summit of the GCL in Rome – the first GCL match, ahead of home favorites Rome Gladiators (4 / 149.05) and Stockholm Hearts (4 / 150.17).

What a public! – The grandstands were packed for the first heat “Champions League of Horses”, the formula of team competition was more appreciated by the Roman public. A highly technical track designed by international chef de piste Uliano Vesani, With the presence of three combinations, one of them is highly preferred in the two vertical pits on the side of the launch grandstand. A pair of opening 44s gave life to a thrilling race that was decided in the final cent. The team rankings, which will be decided tomorrow with the second round, see provisional leaders Madrid on the move thanks to the Irishman’s result. Mark it Mc Oli (GRS Lady Amaro 4 / 68.50) Swedish one Angelica Augustson Zanotelli, the author of the best performance with no faults and a time of 72.43. Second place for the home team of the Rome Gladiators with a Canadian rider Beth Underhill Corn Nick vd Bishop (4/77.14) and French Nina Malleway Corn split of trick (0 / 71.91). After the first heat, the Americans are third Lily Keenan (Argan de Béliard 4 / 75.81) and Swedish champion Peder Frederickson H&H Christian K provides a textbook zero for the Roman public with a time of 74.36. But the arena of Circus Maximus also gave a response of personal classification with the triumph of the Turkish Knight. Omar Karevli French horse with 12-year-old Avant Tho. A masterful, very fast route that stops the clock at 67.93. The second is always competition Daniel Ducer than the Belgian mare Jasmin VD Bisshop (0 / 68.02). Third place for the Irish Daragh Kenny and Boisdeville Volnay.

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Global Champions League A Roma

The second category is the 1.25 category. The formula remains one of distinct steps. The British dominated the initial thirty-three contestants, with victory Adam Botham Harvey riding time 30.75 with no penalties. 2nd place for Swadeshi Isaac Ketteridge Her Z7 Caterina stops the chronometer at 31.96. Italy’s first podium with an excellent third place for Beatrice Bachetta and her Dutch mare Erotica (0 / 33.17). Circus Maximus, the winner of the CSI2 * GP in the last edition, confirms the feeling of our Francois Spinelli: a clear path with the young Nirvana del Laghetto and 35.23 in sixth place.

Daily Matches – The first race of the day for the CSI5 * ahead of the first round of the GCL, a stage 145 with 57 pairs at the start, saw the Irish win. Shane Breen (0 / 23.49). A great turnout from the Roman public, who gave a warm welcome as they entered the arena Piergio Bucci. Blue opens with a good lap but runs into an error. Only 20 can be paid without penalty. In the end Breen is fastest and wins the race, one-hundredths of a second clear of the two pursuing Belgians. Abdul said Enticel d’Ellipse (0 / 23.51), with the British Sameh El Dahan His WKD with Toronto (0 / 23.53). Classified fourth, the Transalpine champion’s performance drew applause Kevin traffic jam (Emir de Mons Harcourt 0 / 23.82). First in the blues is the rookie Giacomo CassadayTwenty years old yesterday, with sweet, a 10-year-old Italian mare. The young Carabinier stops the chronometer at 25.95 and takes 13th place. The best time ever belongs to the other carabinieri, Emmanuel Gaudiano 23.29 Chesnutt stops the hands with Chalo but makes a mistake.

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Three CSI2 matches took place in the morning. The first match was 1.15 in stages, where the Albanian knight won Claudian God bless you Corn Avalon from Carpond The stopwatch stops at 32.02. Second place for juniors Muhammad Saeed Saif Ahmed Al Ghurair Raised under the saddle of a blue rider in Italy with a horse named Dutch Dalphons V. Simone coated (0 / 32.83). The third was the British Georgina circular shape In Music Maker (33.35). The second category is the 1.25 category. The formula still has separate steps. Won first place Adam Botham Harvey riding time 30.75 with no penalties. 2nd place for Swadeshi Isaac Ketteridge Her Z7 Caterina stops the chronometer at 31.96. Italy’s first podium with an excellent third place Beatrice stick And his Dutch mare Erotica (0 / 33.17). CSI2 ends with the third and final 1.40 run. 45 starters to compete on designed track Uliano Vessani His staff and still climbing the top step of the podium is the British Adam Botham. In the saddle of Ebanking, the English rider imposes himself with a time of 25.11. a lot Italy Behind the winner, thanks to second place Guido Grimaldi And Illonblue (0 / 25.72) in third place Francois Spinelli and Chaco Amicor ZM (0 / 25.80). Just behind the blue carabiner Roberto Previtaly With Come On Semilly (0 / 26.03). Fifth Luke coated su Cassirana del Rilate (0/26.24), sixth place Alice Bertoli Italian army colors on his stainless Bolskoi di Vallarano (0 / 26.46).

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