Glass, an app for those who are losing their old-fashioned Instagram

Glass, an app for those who are losing their old-fashioned Instagram

Instagram is no longer a photo sharing app. If you are still in doubt, contact Instagram Manager The text said last month. Under Facebook, the app has evolved into an instant messaging, video platform and shopping service. Is it too much for you to want to show your pictures to your friends? A new app may win your heart.

Created by a former Facebook designer and back-end engineer, Glass Directly targeting frustrated people on Instagram. The app focuses on sharing photos: no video, no ads, no likes.


“If we start with a similar feature [aux likes], It will remain private. We deliberately avoid displaying public meters, Explains designer Tom Watson to blogger Om Malik. We do not want glass to become a popular competition. We do not welcome influencers, we welcome photographers. “

Highlights EXIF ​​data (camera model, ISO, aperture, etc.) of glass shots to promote conversations about shots. The two creators hope to federate a kind community of amateur and professional photographers.

The subscription model was chosen to avoid the rush of advertising and audience reach: glass costs 4.99 / month or € 49.99 / year. For its launch, the first year is 30.99. Thanks to their equity financing, I hope to avoid Tom Watson and Stefan Borge “Compromise” And “Turn to video or something” Often demanded by external investors.

They also promise that their purpose is not to sell the glass if successful, or only to a company that shares the same values. Tom Watson takes the example of Diary Day One Fell into the pockets of the automatic, A group “This allows its affiliates to continue to work for the best interests of their communities.”

The hardest part starts with the glass, which needs to gather the users needed to make it practical. Smaller publishers use a well-known technique to raise mayonnaise and match it as well as possible: the application is inviting. Those who do not have an invitation can register on the waiting list. such as Clubha .S It was the last little touch of community apps, and glass is starting to become available On the iPhone.

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