GitHub and OpenAI launch the AI ​​tool for auto-completion code snippets based on the OpenAI codex neural network model.

GitHub и OpenAI запустили Copilot — ИИ-инструмент для автозаполнения фрагменов кода на базе нейросетевой модели OpenAI Codex

GitHub and OpenAI, owned by Microsoft, have introduced a technical preview of a new AI device. Co-pilot… The popular cross-platform source code editor has become part of Visual Studio Code and is designed to complete code snippets automatically. I.e., to the shelf Developmental Assistants The developers arrived.

According to GitHub, the pilot does not copy or copy snippets of previously seen source code. Instead, the system analyzes the written code and generates the appropriate new code, including the individual functions previously used. Examples on the project website include auto-write code for importing tweets, planning a scatter plot, or getting a GoodRed rating.

GitHub sees development as an evolution of the concept of pair programming – the two work together on a project to effectively “catch” each other’s mistakes to speed up the process. In co-pilot, one of the coders is a virtual assistant.

Copilot is built using a new algorithm called OpenAI Codex, which Greg Brockman, OpenAI CTO, calls “the successors to GPT-3”. Neural network model, Capable of creating text that is sometimes indistinguishable from text written by man. The system was trained using terabytes of open source code and sample English texts from GitHub. If GPT-3 generates lessons in English, it generates an open AI codex. Nat Friedman, CEO of GitHub and founder of Xamarin IDE, said that the co – pilot works well with Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Ruby and Go.

In fact, it is the first major product since Microsoft Deposited One billion dollars in the development of OpenAI. It will initially be available as a browser browser plugin and visual studio code, but OpenAI will release an API in August 2021 so that third-party developers can take advantage of the codecs in their applications.

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So far, the co-pilot is in a limited technical beta, but those who wish can register on the project website. Access it.

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