Girlfriend to invest in Bitcoin: Swiss young man unforgettable event

Girlfriend to invest in Bitcoin: Swiss young man unforgettable event

The young man who was caught in a bitcoin scam in the Swiss state of Bern and lost a large amount of money has been shocked.

Tario, 34, from Bern, is looking for a life partner online. During this time Tario meets Tara, and the two soon become close friends.

Moreover, the two shared personal likes and dislikes at the same pace. The star is interested in financial investments. He is engaged in cryptocurrency trading including bitcoin and gives good advice on investing in it.

At this point, Tara urges Tario to invest in Bitcoin. He also advised to invest only 500 francs in the beginning.

Moreover, in order to help Bitcoin invest, he gave the star control of his computer. During the day, Tario’s investment in Bitcoin made good returns, forcing Tara to invest more money.

Indications are that Tario, who depended on Tara, did not receive any income as he had invested heavily. At the same time, Tario, who spent all his savings on buying bitcoin, says he has no money to invest any more.

It was then that the shocking incident took place. Tara refused to contact Tario, and the website she had been monitoring for investment suddenly disappeared.

Shocked, Tario searched the internet and realized that Tara had been deceived and that his entire fortune had been stolen by his company. Burn State Police are currently investigating the matter.

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