Giovanni Sarella: Has the secret about the duet with this ESC star been revealed?

Giovanni Sarella: Has the secret about the duet with this ESC star been revealed?

The second edition of the Giovanni Sarella Show is one month away. On November 13, the Italian invites you to an evening with a special entertainment. After the first guests recently confirmed, there is more information now. A few surprises for Giovanni Sarella and a great deal of respect that is clearly emerging. And more than double, because there’s a big ESC star on board …

Peter Maffey: Joint appearance with Giovanni Sarella

This is because Peter Maffey was among the guests announced by ZDF. The cult singer will present his new album “So Wait” and perform a song from it. Now it comes: according to the station’s announcement, he will be singing with Giovanni Sarella. What a great honor. Musicians are more likely to perform “You have to go through seven bridges” together. Because the showmaster is releasing his upcoming gold version of “Xiao!” Publish in Classic Italian (“Sette Pondi Devi Awesome”). It’s not possible, but it’s possible to bring “so you” together with Peter Maffe Giovanni and Jana Ina Sarella. The appearance of the dream couple of 100,000 lights at last year’s Florian Silberis’ Advent Festival caused a complete heartbeat.

Giovanni Sarella: Family Reunion

One point that makes the show different and different from the crowd is the very familiar way Giovanni Sarella exemplifiesT. For example, in the September premiere, he introduced his family from the beginning and they were in front of the audience. There are also some family reunions between guests. In addition to Sarah Zucker, who has already been confirmed as a guest, her brother Ben will also be on board. The majestic vocalist was a regular at Florian Silberis’ festival shows, and thus made great strides. So it is surprising that he now lives with another friend. In addition to Mary Rhyme, her mother Michelle will also be a guest on the Giovanni Sarella Show on November 13th. Here, too, it is becoming clear that Giovanni Sarella is pursuing the idea and will be performing the ESC hit “Where Lieb Lebanon” as a German-Italian duet with Michelle. Because “L’Amore e” is like the new version of his current album “Sette Pondy Devi Awesome”.

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Giovanni Sarella: The best variety in the second show

The other players are the real front-runners. The day before the show, pop star Max Geisinger will be releasing his new album “VIER”. Take Dots singer Gary Barlow is also on board, remembering successful boy band days. Together with Alex Christensen he revived the 80s musically. The choreography “Lord of Dance”, who wants to make their big tour in 2022, makes a trip to Ireland possible. Also, Angelo Kelly appears with the family. Are you already slowly getting into the mood for arrival? Anyway, his sister Mighty Kelly is also visiting Italy again. She and Giovanni Sarella asked, “Why don’t you say no?” Will it be performed as a German-Italian duet? “Xiao!” Duets with Ben Zucker (“What a Great Time”) and Yvonne Caterfeld (“For Ditch”) for the Gold Edition are also imaginable. The second (not yet) confirmed as a guest, but her new album will be released in December …

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