Gilles Mർller dissatisfied with the team’s attitude: “It tastes bitter.”

The Luxembourg Davis Cup team, which won 2-0 against Iceland, was able to stay in European Zone Three on Saturday. Earlier in the group stage, the team lost to Monaco (1: 2) and Ireland (1: 2) and won 3: 0 against Malta. Despite winning the minimum target, team captain Gilles Mർller looks back angrily at the campaign in Larnica (Cyprus) – mainly because his players lack professionalism.

Taggeblot: Your team lost it to play promotion. In the end, it was enough to keep him in exile. How satisfied are you with the team’s performance?

Gilles Mുള്ളller: We got a chance to play for promotion. It is not tennis that bothers me, it’s the difference. The other teams had a more professional attitude and had the bite they needed. It was lost on us. We did not retaliate enough, especially against Ireland. On the other hand, we played a strong game against Monaco. We took a 1-0 lead and we know they have a strong double. That’s why we wanted to get a second person. Alex Naf’s opponent was a very good player, so you can’t say anything. This is a shame because we are not worse than others. It tastes bitter.

Do your guardians have a mental problem?

Not that they don’t want to. They are not only used to working professionally. I know everyone well, they are good people. I don’t want to hit her. But the goal is to teach them that the game needs to pay 110 percent every day to work that way. It’s not enough to just give it a little more gas a week before the tournament and make it a little more serious. It is certain that different players are not full-fledged professionals. They need to learn that you have to live professionally while they play the Davis Cup. Everything has to be subordinated to the sporting goal. It starts with eating and continues through preparation and recovery. We address these issues throughout the week. This is difficult because you can not change everything overnight. It is now up to the boys to implement it in the coming months.

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Still, you missed the promotion game.

That’s the positive: you can see that the possibilities are huge. If we improve in the areas mentioned, we will definitely play for promotion.

Chris Rodesh, with four wins from four games, proved his mettle. What do you believe will happen to him in the future?

His performance in Cyprus did not surprise me at all. I met him two years ago and I know he has great talent. But even now he still has a lot of progress to make. If he gets caught up in things off the field, the quality of his performance will explode. I want him too. He is currently playing in college in the USA under semi-professional circumstances. If he decides to play a lot of tournaments and live a career, he can make it possible.

However, in doubles, Alexander Knopf and Rafael Calci used each time. What is the idea behind this?

We chose the most experienced doubles – although overall it wasn’t a lot of experience. Chris was second and he was second. Raphael and Alex and I turned when it came to singles. We wanted more innovation in doubles and we didn’t want to overload Chris.

Group stage
Luxembourg – Ireland 1: 2

Chris Rodesh – Oscar O Hoisin 3: 6, 6: 0, 6: 2
Alex Naf – Simon Carr 3: 6, 2: 6
Raphael Calsey / Knauf – Carr / David O’Hare 3: 6, 4: 6
Luxembourg – Malta 3: 0
Rodesh – Alex Degabriel 6: 2, 6: 2
Sox – Liam Delicata 6: 3, 6: 4
Calci / Knauf – Degabriel / Delicata 6: 1, 6: 1
Luxembourg – Monaco 1: 2
Rodesh – Romain Arniodo 6: 2, 5: 7, 6: 1
Naf – Valentine Watcherot 2: 6, 3.6
Calci / Knauf – Arniodo / His 4: 6, 0: 6
1. Monaco: 3 games, 3 wins; 2. Ireland: 3/2; 3. Luxembourg: 3/1; 4. Malta: 3/0

Luxembourg – Iceland 2: 0

Rodesh – Anton Magnuson 6: 4, 6: 4
Calci – Eagle Sigurdsson 6: 4, 6: 0

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What’s next for you and the players?

It sounds a little silly, but my job is actually doing it for this year. I keep in touch with the boys – especially the Rafael Calsey and Alex Naf, whom I train. We will rest a bit for the next few days. The boys now have to play matches and tournaments to get the shape of the match. You must play at least ten tournaments during the summer. So you often don’t have to be in Luxembourg, so I can’t train you too much – but that’s a good thing. The goal in the summer is to play as many matches as possible.

Gilles Mർller wants more professionalism Photo: Togeblot-Archive / Marcel Nickels
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