Gilles Loloch has released the poster for his next film, L’Amor

Gilles Lellouche à la 74e cérémonie du Festival de Cannes pour Bac Nord, le 13 juillet.

Three years after his critical and popular success, the actor returns behind the camera Great bath. Love Pew It is an adaptation of a novel by the Irish author Neville Thompson.

Gilles Lloche has returned to the system and we can say that his next feature film promises to be bloody. The actor and director unveiled a poster on his Instagram account this Friday Love Pew, Bloody heart on a black background. The movie “Extremely violent romantic comedy“, Scheduled for 2023. At present, no shooting dates or casting have been announced.

A bloody love story

The film is an adaptation of the 2001 novel of the same title by Irish author Neville Thompson, published in France. Original title Two birds / one stoned, It tells the love story between themDisobedient and clever“Jackie Clark and”Guilty of constructionJohnson Keysley is based in Dublin. This is the actor’s third feature film as a director after three years. Great bath.

Three years after the victory Great bath

Produced by Gilles Loloche with Tristan Aroot Narco In 2004 before diving Great bath, Only. Presented from the competition at the 71st edition of the Cannes Film Festival, this comedy paints a portrait of eight people who decide to start an integrated swim with the goal of being selected for the World Championships. Is that so?

The film highlights the slightly lost and naked men, and gives pride to the characters. With more than a million entries in five days, he revealed the critical and commercial success of Gilles Lellouch’s ability to make us laugh and cry while behind the camera.

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From actor to director

Gilles Loloche is the lifelong ally of Gillum Connaught – he finds him Great bath– or Jean Dujardin. A part from the actor to the director who has already echoed an important need in 2018, as he admits Europe 1 : There is a kind of frustration in serving the words of others, in not expressing my tastes, in my choices, in my view of the world.»

Before we find this new film, we will see the actor North Back , A thriller not currently featured at the Cannes Film Festival is available on Netflix on August 18th. Gilles Loloche will also appear in Gillum Connaught’s next film Farewell Mr. Hoffman It is scheduled for early 2022 and will be performed by Obelix in Super Production. Asterix and Obelix: Middle Kingdom.

Future roles that illustrate Gilles Lloche’s ability to navigate between different registers. The Great bath It’s a great comedy, to be expectedLove Pew Follow in his footsteps.

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