Gilianova’s Irish music and character to brighten up the atmosphere for Easter 2022

Gilianova's Irish music and character to brighten up the atmosphere for Easter 2022

Martinsiuro – “After several weeks of reflections and action meetings in the Association and in the presence of the Piazza Grande Group, Sita Ativa reluctantly decided not to run directly in the next June 12 administrative election.സം Reading the opening words of the press release issued by Sita Ativa on reservation in the upcoming elections in Martinique.

Association, Martinsicurian has been active in politics since 2007In the five years leading up to the current outgoing administration, Mayor Paulo Camoni said he reached the ballot in the final election round.

Therefore, the active city symbol will not appear on the electoral ballots of the next administrative office, but Voters can still find the names of some of its members, and they are completely free to choose the list of candidates.

Excerpts from a note communicated by Sita Ativa that she will not run in the next administrative election in Martinique are submitted to Simona Latanci’s candidacy, which was previously in the group’s ranks: “This has not been discussed within the active city, but Responding to a choice made by the Piazza Grande Group, our former associate supported her. We are confident that he will do his utmost to oppose the outgoing mayor in this dispute.

Regarding the reasons that led the members of the association to this election, it was explained that they were of various kinds, but it was The return of “the spirit and heart to our work” after the experience of governance weighs them all down“This has led to little dissatisfaction with administrative matters, especially for those who are often out of town and unable to fully experience the dynamics of the area.”

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However, the group tends to clarify that His political experience does not end here. “If you ever decide to stay out of an election contest and try to bring a new life in terms of ideas and people, it should not be seen as a play, but as a play. Physiological pathway of growth and change. You do not need to fill the role of municipal councilor to be the critical voice of an administrative team, but you can do this by carefully observing that everything announced during the election campaign finds the right working feedback. Ours is a farewell, not a farewell. To the big things “.

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