Giggs reacts to Ireland facing heavy losses to France

Giggs reacts to Ireland facing heavy losses to France

Irish coach Adam Griggs said Ireland deserved a place in the first half of the Women’s Six Nations in collaboration with the Guinness World Records.

France beat his team 56-15 at Energy Park on Saturday afternoon.

Eight French attempts were made in the afternoon on behalf of the Irish at Donibrook, who were brought down to earth after their first victory over Wales.

Speak up Sports OTB Full-time Griggs said their mistakes are worth it.

“There are still some positives we can see during the game, but we definitely think this is better than the result, so we will review the pictures and return to the drawing board next week.

“Their first two attempts were the result of our mistakes. We lost a list, which gave them a scrum. ”

“Our defensive structure was wrong, against a quality team like that, they use it immediately and score to the limit.

“You certainly think that some of our goals are from our mistakes and against a better team.”

The French will face England in London in the final on Saturday, while Ireland will beat Scotland 41-20 in Glasgow and be knocked out of Italy.

Griggs says it is important that they reorganize themselves and try to end the campaign on a high note.

“You can understand them [Irish players] I’m a little depressed right now.

“The body hurts, and when you have a leak your body always hurts more than it does in a few days.

“As a group we said we need to learn from this game and prove that we are the third best team in this competition.

“The only way to do that is to have a performance that we can be proud of coming out next week and if we can do that we don’t want to leave any doubt about our place in this championship.

The green light on Thursday reflected the situation in Irish women’s rugby as the Irish government granted the French squad exemption from shipping in hotels.

Griggs says the big difference between amateur and professional standards is obvious.

“I think we’ll probably let them play a lot.

“We talked about our line speed, we tried to make mistakes in them, we did it in the first 10 minutes, we forced a few mistakes, but we stopped a few, they were too many. Good to let you play.

“The way we start a game in the first 10 minutes, carrying that energy, we have to maintain it.

“If you don’t, it’s a shock down and it’s very difficult to get it back against France.”

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