Giant Borath, wearing a trademark monkey, saw the bursting Thames flowing down the Thames

Giant Borath, wearing a trademark monkey, saw the bursting Thames flowing down the Thames

Borat and his trademark Mangini made a comeback.

Actor Sacha Baron Cohen (49) returns to the screen as the comedian of another satire. A giant giant of pop culture icon is placed on a boat and floats down the River Thames in London.

In 2006, Sacha made waves in his comedy film Borat: Cultural Learning of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.

A scene that has captured the minds of many, the furry character in a small neon thong style swimsuit – called a mangini – on the beach.

Barely synonymous with the movie franchise, the costume item there, the original film chronological Kazakh journalist Borat occasionally puts on his standard gray suit in favor of the flash glittering fair.

The second Borat film Borat Subjective Moviefilm: The Film Marketing Team has decided to capture the attention of the people of London by releasing on Amazon Prime the once-profitable bribery of the US government – the great nation of Kazakhstan.

However, it’s quite different from Borat’s original getup, because instead of a bright green lycra, the statue covers his lower areas with a medical face mask.

The boat is decorated with the message “Wear a mask and save live”.

In his new film, Sacha’s character Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani is seen in red-faced scenes at the White House – and urges the former mayor of New York to call NYPD.

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During a fake interview, the 24-year-old actress plays Borat’s daughter, having fun in public with Rudy in a hotel suite.

Trump’s adviser is reclining on a bed, unbuttoning his shirt and trousers and shouting: “She’s 15 years old! She is too old for you! ”

BPRK18 Sacha Baron Cohen Borat: Cultural Studies in the United States to Gain the Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan (2006)

Rudy explained how Borat wore “crazy … pink bikini, lace, translucent mesh top” during the spoof.

“It simply came to our notice then. He had a beard and bare legs, and not what I call attractive. I thought it must be a scam or a shake, so I reported it to the police. Then he ran away. ”

It was later reported that Sacha was running away from a bathroom.

In the much-anticipated film, the actor dresses up as Trump and tries to gift his daughter to interrupt Vice President Mike Pence’s speech.

* Borat’s sequel to the film: The Great Nation of Kazakhstan is the only one on Amazon Prime Video from today, so pay a good bribe to the US government to make a profit.

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