Giant 73 billion kilograms asteroid could explode, experts fear

Giant 73 billion kilograms asteroid could explode, experts fear

Astronomers studying data collected from NASA’s spacecraft Osiris-Rex say that the 73 billion kilogram giant asteroid will explode if it continues at increased speed.

Named the “Chocolate Cream Egg”, the asteroid is said to be as large as the Empire State Building and weighs 73 billion kilograms.

Scientist Daniel Shears has published a study on science advances that, a million years or less, may have exploded Ben.

Skiers, along with other astronomers, mapped the asteroid’s gravitational field, as well as NASA’s orbit to the Osiris-Rex spacecraft.

Ben may erupt within a million years or less

The asteroid is in the form of a spinning top with an outer surface formed by debris flowing through space.

Its interior is loose and filled with tight rocks, which scientists say have the potential to separate the rock.

Bennu rotates much faster than the rate at which it affects the sun.

The heat from the sun heats the rock surface, absorbs the asteroid, and rotates as it emits energy.

Rotates much faster than Ben, which affects Su

If it continues to accelerate, the asteroid will explode and rupture over time, according to Skiers’ study.

Scientists believe that the asteroid will destroy itself in a million years.

Shiraz said his team hopes to find out how this asteroid came to be, which they believe could provide more insight into how other smaller asteroids have changed over millions of years.

Andrew French, co-author of the study and NASA-JPL scientist, said: “If you can measure the gravitational field accurately enough, it can not be seen directly, but it does create severe constraints at the location of the mass. ”

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