Gianni Bessie presents “Post Merkel” in Bagnacavallo


Presentation of the book “Post Merkel”. It’s an emptiness that Europe alone cannot fill. “

Through “Post Merkel” Bessie offers us a variety of portraits of the Chancellor. Along with the valuable interventions of Filippo Onoranti, the author makes a trip to the European Seatologist from the summer of 2020, the beginning of the German EU presidency semester, to continue during the SARS-Cove-2 pandemic.

Gianni Bessie She was born on May 14, 1967, in Ravenna. He graduated with a degree in Political Science from the University of Alma Mater Studio in Bologna, and in 1992 received the Erasmus Scholarship from the University of Limerick (Republic of Ireland). He has been Emilia-Romagna’s regional councilor for the second time since 2020 at the Legislative Assembly of the Eleventh Legislative and Democratic Party – Bonasini Presidential Group at Ravenna College.

He is currently the PD-Bonusini President and Member of the Budget, General and Institutional Affairs Commission: Economic Policy; Area, environment, dynamics; Rules and regulations.

He is a freelance journalist and the author of numerous articles on geopolitics and economics for StartMagIt, FormicNet and other print and online media. In 2020 he published “House of Sir”. Geopolitics of the Putin, Erdogan and Trump eras ‚ÄúNatural gas for Edisoni Innovative Publishing in 2018. The energy of tomorrow. “

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