Ghost? The camera captures a strange image hanging in the baby’s cradle; See images

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Tori McKenzie decided to install a camera in her grandchildren’s room to monitor the children’s sleep.

Do you believe in ghosts? A strange case in which a woman was likely to “appear from the other side” gave great fear. USA. Tory McKenzie decided to set up a camera in his grandchildren’s room to monitor the children’s sleep, revealing that one of them, Amber McKenzie, was talking “something invisible” in the middle of the night.

The ghost shocked the woman – Photo: Reproduction

Examining the recorded images, the woman panicked as she noticed a strange figure circling in the granddaughter’s cradle. The episode took place in Nevada and launched the Daily Mail portal. The picture appears in the pictures at 3 p.m.

“It simply came to our notice then. I had to do a double check. The first thing I saw were the horns on your head, so you immediately thought it was the devil or the devil. I ran home and showed my eldest son. We were shocked and he could not explain it, ”Tory told the portal.

Tory also revealed that the discovery scared the lives of her grandchildren, and a few days before the recording, her granddaughter’s parents warned her to “go” to an invisible intruder.

“Everyone was asleep, so it shouldn’t have been my son or wife. We still have pictures of him that do not look like this. I know it’s supernatural, ”he said.

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