Get to know Brachiosaurus, a unique dinosaur that looks like a giraffe

Get to know Brachiosaurus, a unique dinosaur that looks like a giraffe – Brachiosaurus It is an unusual dinosaur that lived between 155.7 million and 150.8 million years ago in the Jurassic period.

The Brachiosaurus specimen was found in the most fossilized Morrison formation in North America.

In particular, Brachiosaurus does not resemble other dinosaurs roaming the area.

The neck is long like a giraffe and the forelegs are longer than the hind legs. The name Brachiosaurus means “hand lizard”.

Brachiosorus facts

Reported from Live scienceHere are some interesting facts about Brachiosaurus:

1. Brachiosaurus was probably a warm-blooded man

Brachiosaurus was a warm-blooded animal. Some studies say, Brachiosaurus Giant therms.

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Gigantotherms are very large animals that allow them to maintain a high body temperature.

This calculation is based on a theory that the body temperature of Brachiosaurus reached 45 C.

2. Body size of Brachiosaurus

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