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Get Bitcoin (BTC) by playing Conder Strike

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Fiats: Game over! A virtual world with virtual currency – Or vice versa : Cryptocurrencies go on a counter-strike. Players can now have some fun. For the time being, they have to pay an entry fee.


Part of Bitcoin

La Startup BTC ZEBEDEE It is planned to launch the first servers for this Counter-attack: Global attack (CS2: GO), At 1 p.m.Time 2021 February week.

These servers are running Infusion, Technology Sebdi This allows Satoshi to win based on the performance of the players.

Accordingly CEO and co-founder Sebdi, Created a stir in news gaming circles.

Games like Sandbox And Axi Infinity Is the main lever for accepting cryptocurrencies.

Axi Infinity Will gradually migrate Sentence on the sidechain Ethereum, Ronin, To prevent its players from experiencing network congestion issues ETH, Gas explosion.

L ‘Ether Hitting the new $ 1,750 ATH will cause the gas to explode.

The real angles, not Mario’s

‘S players CS2: GO Using one of the servers Infusion Since Sebdi You need to scan a QR code at the beginning of the game to give it some fun.

Players’ earnings create fluctuations in the course of the game based on their performance. Players who win games may find their number of cheers increasing.

They can pay BTC By the way at any time Lightning network.

Sebdi Thanks to partner support, plans to launch servers without an entry fee; Players no longer have to pay for ads that are integrated into the process.

The CS2: GO Regularly registers more than one million users simultaneously, approximately 24 million active players per month from January 2020.

The game is enjoyed by a large number of spectators at local and international sports competitions.

Successful regular players have the potential to earn 1 BTC if they spend hundreds of hours in front of their screen. Cryptocurrencies make great games successful by enriching the experience of popular games such as Conder-Strike. With the support of gaming communities, large-scale cryptocurrency adoption can be a snap. It is not surprising that governments, central banks and their CBDCs are struggling to take cryptocurrencies seriously. Earn cryptocurrency by excelling in a game: Parents will no longer blame their children for spending all their free time with their hand controller They may hire a pro coach to earn BTC.

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