Germany should extend its nuclear facilities “for a year or two,” says Thierry Bretton

Germany should extend its nuclear facilities "for a year or two," says Thierry Bretton

The European Commissioner for the Internal Markets has called on the German government to “break out of ideology.”

European Commissioner for Internal Markets Theory Bretton on Saturday, on France’s Inter Radio, speaking to the German government.Get out of ideologyAnd will expandOne or two yearsപ്രവർത്തനം The operation of the last three nuclear power plants in the country will be closed by the end of this year.

Complaints are being raised that the German government should reconsider its position on the operation of the last nuclear power plants in operation in the country, while the latter is likely to disrupt power supplies in the wake of Russia’s gradual depletion of gas. Deliveries. “Germany still has three nuclear power plants, accounting for 25% of their electricity consumption. Instead of deciding to cut them at the end of the year as stated in the alliance agreements, we can tell ourselves that we will continue with them for a year or two to resolve this issue.“, Calculated Theory Breton.

In the opinion of the French Commissioner, this is necessary. “Stay out of ideology and make sure we are well aware of today’s needs while keeping in mind the (European) green agenda.. In between “Stay a nuclear power plant for a year or two, reopen coal-fired power plants, I, an ardent defender of the green deal, know where to go“Theory Bretton has confirmed that, while acknowledging the concerns expressed, the former minister recalled Germany’s surrender.In 2011, 23 nuclear power plants were cut off overnight and allied with RussiaAfter the Fukushima disaster.

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Discussion in Germany

The German government on Wednesday again rejected the option to extend the operation of nuclear power plants.Mainly for security reasons“But according to a spokesman for the Ministry of the Environment, the issue is causing tension within the ruling coalition, and Liberal Finance Minister Christian Lindner is seeking his part.Open discussion without ideologyIn question.

Negotiations are ongoing, however “It’s too lateAccording to the boss of the first German energy group, RWE, Marcus Kreber was between the difficulty of finding the required fuels quickly and the question of safety tests. The German government has already decided to announce increased use of coal-fired power stations to offset the drop in Russian gas flows.

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