Germany attacks Mannheim synagogue

Germany attacks Mannheim synagogue

Unknown snails smashed the window of a synagogue early in the morning In Mannheim, southwest Germany. “Our solidarity goes to the Jewish community and its members,” said Mayor Christian Spectet, who wanted to meet with Rita Altussan, president of the local Jewish community. “We do not want external conflicts to affect our city,” Specter added, referring to the situation in Israel and Gaza.

There have been incidents of Israeli flags being burned in front of synagogues in Germany this week, which has resulted in tightening security in front of several Jewish sites. We all make it clear that we do not accept Jewish people as guilty of what happened in the Middle East on the streets and on social networks, “said German Foreign Minister Heiko Mass. Funke Group.

Anti-Israel protests in several cities: anti-Semitic tone and destructive activities in some demonstrations

Protests against Israel took place in several German cities today, and in some cases adopted anti-Semitic voices. Destructive activities have also been documented. The police presence was strengthened in front of synagogues across the country. In Bremen, some 1,500 people, including Turkish flags, chanted slogans such as “Palestinian independence” and “Allahu Akbar” and demanded an end to military operations against Gaza.

There were 500 protesters in Hanover last night, where an Israeli flag was set on fire. Police intervened in Jelsenkirchal to prevent the anti-imprust motto on the slogan.

In Berlin, at night, the Israeli flag was stolen in front of the CDU headquarters at the Conrad Adenauer Hatz. The flag-raising photo was published by General Secretary Paul Simiak “in solidarity with the victims of the rocket attack.” A group of people in the Pango area tried to set fire to an Israeli flag in front of the district council. Similar activities have been reported in Munster, Bonn, and Solingen.

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