German Museum to Restore Enigma Machine Discovered on the Beach | Germany

German divers fish an enigma encryption machine from the Baltic Sea and hand it over to a museum to restore their rare finds.

Code machine – that was it Nazis use it to send coded messages Divers found last month to be in charge of the WWF, an environmental group – during World War II. The team was searching for abandoned fishing nets in the Gulf of Geltting off the northeast coast of Germany.

“A colleague swam in and said: ‘There’s a net with an old typewriter,’ ‘lead diver Florian Huber told the DPA news agency.

The team quickly realized that they were stumbling over a historical work of art and informed the authorities.

Experts from the State Archaeological Museum will restore the machine, according to the head of the State Archaeological Office in Schleswig-Holstein. Ulf Ikrod said.

After seven decades on the Baltic coast, the delicate process, including a comprehensive desalination process, will “take a year,” he said.

After that, the machine will be on display in the museum.

The historian of the German Naval Association, Dr. John Witt told the DPA that the three-rotor machine was believed to have been towed by a German warship in the final days of the war.

Adolf Hitler’s U-boats used more sophisticated four-rotor enigma machines, making it less likely to come from a submarine.

The Allies worked tirelessly to decrypt the codes produced by the Enigma machine, which were changed every 24 hours.

British mathematician Alan TuringSeen as the father of modern computing, he led a team in 1941 in Bletchouly Park, UK.

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This diversion helped the Allies understand critical radio messages about German military movements. Historians believe this shortened the war to about two years.

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