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German minister: “We will not stop the operation of nuclear power plants” – Biz

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German Economy Minister Robert Habeck rejected the idea of ​​extending the operation of Germany’s three remaining nuclear power plants to save gas.

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He said that this will save maximum two percent of energy resources.

The savings aren’t enough to restart the debate on nuclear power, where there is consensus, Habeck said in a conversation with citizens at the government’s open day.

The remaining plants are slated to shut down by the end of the year under a law passed by Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government following the 2011 disaster at Japan’s Fukuima nuclear power plant.

“If we take into account how much weight they will save, that would be the wrong decision,” Habeck believes, adding that he may be open to the idea of ​​extending the operation of Bavaria’s nuclear power plant if that proves to be the case. Germany will test its grid in the coming weeks. Bavaria, a key engine of the German economy, relies on gas-fired power plants. There are not enough power plants and wind turbines.

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