German event team in Aachen without a chance | Free Press

German event team in Aachen without a chance |  Free Press

Achen (DPA) – The German event team clearly lost their home win at the CIO in Achen.

The team around two-time Olympic champion Ingrid Klimke from Munster could not improve on the cross-country ride, finishing fifth out of six teams. It is not possible to repeat the success of 2019 as early as Friday after dressing and jumping. The fourth team from Great Britain secured the victory over the USA and Ireland.

In the individual rankings, William Coleman topped the record. The American is only the fourth non-German rider to win at Aachen since 2007. Laura finished second in Dhaka, ahead of her British companion Emily Chandler, along with Gortford Diamond. One of the best Germans in fifth place was Andreas Ostolt from Varandorf, Corvette.

“Of course you always expect a great result, but I also know that others do not swim in nettle soup,” he said at the WDR.

After the Olympics in Tokyo and before the European Championships in Avengers next week, not all the top riders were there or brought their top horses. Mostly young horses were used.

This also applies to Ingrid Klimke, who won the individual and team with the horse Hell Bob in the final edition of CHIO in Aachen 2019. Through Zelding, she wants to win the European title for the third time in a row in the Avengers.

In Achen she was with Siana, who was only nine years old. Rejection on the field prevented a better result than Rank 33. The more time she took, the more confident and confident she gained. That was great, ā€¯Klimke said. To attend an awards ceremony, Marie “needs a little more practice”.

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